Door Draught Excluder (RP16)

Maximum Draught Protection for Double Doors. 
The slim gap between your external double door is a huge source of draughts. This opening also sucks out your expensive home heating or cooling. Keep out intrusive draughts and lower your energy cost by draught-proofing your double door with the RP16 Draught Excluder!


How it Works:

The RP16 can be cut to size during installation. Specially designed for stopping air transfer between double doors, this draught excluder is commonly used for draught-proofing the inside or outside of astragal doors (If your door is fitted with a mushroom mold, the RP16 must be fitted from the inside).

The RP16’s aluminium carrier is fixed to the edge of one door and its silicon blade is compressed by the other door. This mechanism provides an airtight seal between your doors. RP16 is used on external double doors that are either rebated or plain joined.

To create a complete seal all around your double door, fit the RP16 in conjunction with a perimeter seal and a door bottom draught excluder.



  • One (1) RP16 Draught Excluder



  • Available in two colours: silver and bronze
  • Lengths are available in 2250 mm or 2500 mm
  • covers gap sizes of 0 - 8 mm



  • Works to stop draughts between the centre of double doors
  • Does not interfere with the door’s opening and closing
  • Can be fitted inside or outside of the door
  • Architectural quality
  • Durable
  • Australian-owned


Tools You Will Need For Installation:

  • Measuring tape
  • Pencil
  • Saw


Suitable For:

  • Plain or rebated French doors
  • Double doors
  • Wooden doors


Video Guide:

You can install the RP16 Double Door Draught Excluder on your own or have our team do it for you.

For a detailed instruction on how to install the product, watch this video as ecoMaster’s Chief Technical Officer Maurice Beinat shows you how it is done.

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