Fullers UltraClear

The Best Product for Sealing Draughty Gaps and Cracks.

Stop the outside air coming into your home and keep your heating and cooling where it counts.

What it is...

UltraClear is a water based gap sealant that is white when applied and clear when dry (not invisible). During the caulking process, excess sealant can be easily cleaned up with a damp cloth when wet. 

Why use it...
This is a virtually invisible sealant that is flexible enough to expand and contract with most movement of the building.
How it works...
Sealant is applied to gaps and cracks using a caulking gun to effectively prevent draught.
When to use it...

This product can be used to effectively seal gaps and cracks around architraves, skirting boards and air vents.

TIP: Ensure the area is thoroughly cleaned before the sealant is applied to ensure thorough adhesion. Clean up any excess immediately after application as it is virtually impossible to remove when it has dried.

The Benefits...
  • High quality product which works to reduce draught
  • Virtually invisible solution for sealing small gaps
  • Easy to apply
  • Can be easily cleaned up with a damp cloth
  • Flexible sealant will accommodate most movement of the building
  • Durable
  • Paintable
  • Mould resistant
  • UV stable
  • Low odour
  • Non hazardous

Tutorials / Installation Instructions ...



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