Autex Polyester Underfloor Insulation

The Safest and Most Effective Insulation for Melbourne Floors.

Are you sick of your unbearably cold floors? Poorly insulated floors allow your expensive heating to escape in the colder months and leave your home unprotected from unwanted heat gain in summer, costing you a fortune on your energy bills.

Reduce heat loss by up to 20% and lower your energy cost by installing polyester underfloor insulation! It’s the safest and most effective insulation material that lasts for the lifetime of your home.

An insulation's thermal effectiveness is measured in R value; the higher the R value, the better the insulation. An uninsulated floor rates R 0.7.

The addition of carpet and a good quality underlay will improve this rating to R 1.0. ecoMaster's polyester underfloor insulation is rated at R 2.5 which achieves an overall rating of R 3.2 (without carpet) or R 3.5 (with carpet).

PLEASE NOTE: A significant price rise has been implemented since 1st November 2018 which applies to all product orders after the said date. Products held in the factory now incurs a warehousing fee.


Polyester is the best underfloor insulation material for Australian homes. Make your home cosy from the ground up with the most effective thermal efficiency solution!

Regardless of which type of subfloor type you have, we recommend installing this high-quality insulation. Polyester insulation is manufactured with exceptional standards, making it the most effective product for insulating under timber floorboards.

Specially manufactured in rolls, this insulation requires fewer joins and is easier to install than ordinary insulation batts. With the robust nature of polyester, it doesn’t lose its shape over time, ensuring long-term comfort.

Only polyester's strong, heat-bonded fibers can be secured with staples long term.

Area- in M2 Area- Squares # of Packs Area- in M2 Area- Squares # of Packs
0 - 15 m2 1.6 1 106 - 120 m2 13 8
16 - 30 m2 3.2 2 121 - 135 m2 14.5 9
31 - 45 m2 4.8 3 136 - 150 m2 16.1 10
46 - 60 m2 6.4 4 151 - 165 m2 17.7 11
61 - 75 m2 8 5 166 - 180 m2 19.3 12
76 - 90 m2 9.6 6 181 - 195 m2 21 13
91 - 105 m2 11.3 7 196 - 210 m2 22.6 14


One pack contains 3 rolls of premium R 2.5 polyester insulation


An entire pack covers 15m2, one pack measures 1.35m (height) x 1.1m (diameter), and weighs 20kg

Each roll is 11.6m (length) x 45cm (width) x 12cm (loft/thickness)


Proven highly effective insulation

Hydrophobic, does not hold moisture

Not affected by mold or mildew

Rodent resistant- rats and mice don't like it, won't eat it, and won't nest in it

Heat-bonded, with no binding chemicals or glues


Non-irritant, non-toxic, non-allergenic, and non-respirable

Not itchy, no glass fibres in your skin, eyes, or lungs

Contains at least 45% recycled component

ISO9001 Quality Certification

ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certification

50 years Durability Warranty

Manufactured in Australia

Tools You Will Need For Installation:





Tarps (Strongly recommended to keep insulation clean)

Lead (extension cord)

Clothes you don't mind getting dirty

Suitable For:

Underfloor Insulation Installation

Great for enclosed, and open timber sub-floors

We recommend to staple the material at 10-15 cm intervals to ensure it is secure and will not sag over time


Shipping is available in the following areas: Melbourne, Geelong, Ballarat, Bendigo, Gippsland, Sydney, Central Coast, Newcastle, South Coast, Wollongong, ACT / Canberra.

Regional areas can also be supplied with an additional freight charge.

Tasmania, South Australia and Northern Territory cannot be supplied at this time. However, you are free to arrange your own freight or collect it yourself.

Manufacture will generally take place from the time you place your order, so there may be a delay of up to 4 working days.

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Video Guides:

Learn more about polyester ceiling insulation! In this video, ecoMaster Chief Technical Officer Maurice Beinat talks about the importance of insulating your floors for greater thermal comfort and lower energy cost.

Are you keen on DIY projects? If you’re planning to take the DIY path of insulating your underfloor, watch this video instruction by ecoMaster’s Chief Technical Officer Maurice Beinat.

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