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Autex Greenstuf | Polyester Wall Insulation Batts

Autex Greenstuf | Polyester Wall Insulation Batts

Wall Batts

Victoria Only

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  • 100% Polyester
  • Made from up to 80% recycled plastic bottles
  • Not itchy, non toxic, non allergenic
  • Australian Made


Prevent the noise from bouncing to and fro within your home! Installing GreenStuf® Sound Solution Insulation in your walls helps reduce loud sounds. Also known as Quiet Home Insulation or Acoustic Insulation, Sound Solution is the solution you need to stop various noise from sucking out the peace and quiet of your humble abode.

 The addition of Sound Solution® in a standard timber-framed wall will reduce loud sounds on one side to a slight murmur on the other. It reduces airborne sound, impact noise, and noise transmission by controlling resonating noise inside the construction cavity.  

This product can be used in a mid-floor cavity, to significantly reduce noise between upstairs and downstairs. It helps reduce noise from travelling between walls or between floors in your home.



Autex polyester wall insulation batts come in R-values of R2.0 and R2.5, to suit your requirements.


  • High performance for optimal effectiveness
  • Eco insulation with 45% recycled component
  • Non-irritant, non-toxic and non-allergenic
  • No itch, no glass fibres and no glues
  • You can handle safely without protective equipment, gloves or masks
  • High-quality solution to last the lifetime of your home
  • Hydrophobic and resistant to rodents
  • Manufactured in Australia
  • Fireproof, with 50-year Durability Warranty when correctly installed
  • Exceeds BCA Standard
  • ISO9001 Quality Certification
  • ISO4001 Environment Management System Certification


  • Improves energy efficiency, by reducing loss of heated/cooled air
  • Prevents hot air entering living spaces via walls in summer (and cold air in winter)
  • Helps maintain a comfortable indoor temperature all year round
  • Provides an extra barrier against unwanted noise
  • Reduces risk of condensation and mold
  • Reduces the overall carbon footprint of your household



IMPORTANT NOTE: There is a minimum order quantity of 200 square metres of Autex Wall Insulation Batts. If you need less than that, please look at Value Poly Wall Insulation as an excellent alternative with no minimum order quantity.

R Value R2.0 Wall
R2.0 Wall
R2.5 Wall
Insulation Batts
R2.5 Wall
Insulation Batts
Width 430mm 580mm 430mm 580mm
sq metres
sq metres
sq metres
sq metres
m2 per Pack 5.99 8.07 2.99 4.04
Batts Per Pack 12 12 6 6
Dimensions 430 x 1160 580 x 1160 430 x 1160 580 x 1160
Loft /
~ 90mm when fully relofted ~ 90mm when fully relofted ~ 90mm when fully relofted ~ 90mm when fully relofted
Material Polyester 100% 100% 100% 100%
Material Recycled Poly 45% 45% 45% 45%
Manufactured Australia Australia Australia Australia


How To


Difficulty Rating: Intermediate

ecoMaster has provided installation instructions for you to install this wall insulation in your own home.

What you will need:

  • Knife/blade
  • Clothes you don't mind getting dirty
  • Gloves
  • Safety glasses
  • Angle grinder with 1mm blade (if trimming is required)
  • Hammer tacker
  • Packing straps
  • Scissors

Find out more:

Watch our video for a guide on how to install insulation in your walls in your new build, renovation or extension. 

 IMPORTANT NOTE: Retrofitting wall insulation into your existing home requires a high level of skill. Plasterboards need to be removed and refitted and this is a job for a building expert or highly experienced DIY’er. 

Tips and Tricks:

  • It is important that your wall insulation fits snugly, without protruding from the studs, or leaving any gaps.
  • If you need to trim your wall insulation, follow this video.
  • Use an angle grinder with a really thin metal cutting blade to cut wall insulation batts to the required size.
  • Run the angle grinder steadily along the batt to achieve a clean cut.
  • Cut out sections to allow space for any plumbing or electrical sockets and fittings.
  • Staple double rows of packing straps to hold wall batts firmly in place.
  • For your new home, renovation or extension, ensure all electrical and plumbing work is done first.
  • Ensure no batts stick out in front of studs. This may bow the plasterboard or cause it to pop off the walls before the stud adhesive has cured.
  • Where studs are closer together, batts can be cut to fit.


Q: What is the highest R-Value for wall insulation?
A: R2.5 is the highest R-Value available in polyester wall insulation batts. At 90mm thickness, R2.5 Polyester wall batts will suit standard timber stud depths. 

Q: What is the warranty period on Autex Wall Insulation Batts?
A: Autex provides a 50-year guarantee on their insulation wall batts. 

Q: I need good quality insulation for walls, but I don’t meet the 200 square metres minimum order quantity. What can I do? 
A: Yes, that is a good point. Please look at Value Poly Wall Insulation as an excellent alternative.


Please note that in order to keep freight low, or to allow a pick-up option, all “Made to Order” products will be bundled with one of our regular stock orders. If you need to expedite a made to order product, please call our friendly team on 1300 326 627.


Q: How will my order be delivered?
A: We will inform you to make a mutually convenient time for your delivery. An ecoMaster driver will deliver your order to your door and help stack it where you want it.


Q: Where can you deliver to?
A: Orders can be delivered to just about anywhere within Victoria. However, the freight costs can become relatively high if you are in a regional or remote area.

Consider collaborating with your neighbors to share the freight price as it is the same whether there are a few bags or the truck is filled to capacity.


Q: Can I collect my order?
A: Yes - there is a pickup option in the checkout process.

Click here to check the collection location, dates and times.  
Please note this is a collection point only and is not constantly staffed.


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Mark B.
Great to deal with!

Great to deal with!

Thank you for choosing ecoMaster Mark! We hope to be able to serve you again!

Have a great day!

Gina C.
Really great insulation to install,

Really great insulation to install, no itching :blush:

Thanks for the feedback Gina :wink: