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Draught Proofing Kits

About our Draught Proofing Kits

They make it ‘just so easy’

When Draught Proofing any area of your house, there are usually a number of items you need for each job.

We have made it really easy for you by compiling kits for various doors and windows so that you don’t have to shop individually for each item, although you do have the choice of doing that too.  Here’s what makes it so easy with any one of our kits:-

1. Our Draught Proofing kits contain only the items you will need to complete each job.

2. It’s a one click shopping experience., and

3. Only one shipping cost.

4. Our ‘HOW TO’ videos give you all the information you will need to do the job yourself.

5. You save money.


Beautiful  French Doors are also the draughtiest of all doors. 

Our Draught Proofing Kit for French Doors solves this problem.



Shop the kits for your home:

1. Front and Back Door Kit – everything you will need to seal two external doors.

2. Internal door Draught Proofing Kit – to zone your home for greater energy efficiencies

3. Draught Proofing Essentials Kit – a great buy for 2 external and 2 interior doors.

4. French Door Draught Proofing Kit – also known as Combo, Double Doors or Barn Doors.  They are the world’s most beautiful doors but also the draughtiest.

5. Premium Double Hung/Sash Window Kit – for cavity sliding window kit.  The only Double Hung Draught Proofing kit in Australia, that is the most cost effective way to seal your Double Hung windows

6. Invisible Pelmet Kit – ideal for the minimalist look to eliminate air flow transfer from your windows. 


To understand more about draught proofing doors and windows read our:

 1.  Guide to Doors

2.  Guide to Windows



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