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Draught Stopper for Doors - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Do I have to use the fitting packer?
A: The fitting packers has been provided to ensure the draught dodgers are fitted exactly the right distance from the face of the door. Not using the fitting packer also guarantees an inferior result.

Q: Does this product carry a warranty?
A: The Product carries a 2 year warranty. As the quality of the surface, however we cannot warranty the self adhesive seal as the quality of the surface and the surface preparation is beyond our control.

Q: How long will the product last for?
A: When correctly fitted, it should last for 10 years or more.

Q: Can we have draught dodgers 2.7m long?
A: No. You would need to join them.

Q: I want to treat my front door and my back door. Should I get a 2 door set or 2 x 1 door sets.
A: If your doors are single standard height doors, then a two door set will be sufficient. Otherwise, you will need 2 x 1 door sets.

Q: Can I get white draught dodgers with a brown seal?
A: No. But you can buy a spare set of seals in the colour of your choice (being either white or brown seals). 

Q: Will ecoMaster come and install these for me?
A: The ecoMaster installation crew are available for full home energy efficiency retrofits. If you require one or two items to be installed, a local handyperson should be able to help you. Please ensure you show them the installation videos to ensure you get a quality result.

Q: I did not watch the videos and have stuck the draught dodgers onto the door in the wrong place. Now I can’t put the seals in.
A: Yes, unfortunately that is quite problematic. We do provide the videos to ensure you get a quality result. However, we can’t make you watch them. The dodgers can be removed from the door, but the self adhesive tape will not restick. You could nail or screw the draught dodgers on (in the correct place) using the fitting packer after you have watched the video.

Q: Will this help to reduce noise?

A: Yes, but if you particularly want an acoustic door seal, then you should consider the RP78.

Q: Are there any videos that will help me with installing?
A: All of our ecoMaster products have informative videos created by our Technical Director. This video will provide you with easy step by step instructions to assist with your DIY Install. You can find this by clicking the tab “INSTALL”.

Should you require any other information or advice please feel free to call our friendly sales staff on 1300 326 627. The team would be very happy to help!