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ecoMasterClass - Underfloor Insulation - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What does Polymax Underfloor Insulation do?
A: Our underfloor insulation acts as a thermal barrier for your floors, to keep the outer temperature outside, and maintain the temperature of your home inside.


Q: Can Polymax Underfloor Insulation be used in my climate zone?
A: You can use Polymax Underfloor Insulation in climate zones 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, & 8.


Q: Should I order the 430mm or the 450mm wide Polymax? 
A: For best fit and easiest installation, the material width should be 20mm wider than the space between the joists. To order the best material for your project, it is best to measure the space between the joists of your floor. Typically, that will be 410mm (common in Sydney and Brisbane) so order 430mm wide. For spaces of 430mm between the joists (common in Melbourne) use the 450mm wide Polymax. If you are unsure please give us a call on 1300 326 627.


Q: Not all my joist spacing is the same? 
A: This is normal. Every underfloor has some degree of joist spacing variation. It is inevitable that some degree of "Turn and Tear" installation will need to be done. Be sure to watch the installation video found under the How To tab.


Q: I need the 430mm wide Polymax. Am I affected by the minimum order quantity?
A: Yes but you don't need to order the minimum order quantity. We can aggregate orders together to reach the minimum order quantity but this may delay the manufacturing of your order so it's best to plan ahead.


Q: Is Polymax vacuum packed?
A: No it is not vacuum packed but it is squeezed tightly into a double bag. For this reason it is best to immediately open the bags when you receive them to ensure the material has time to fluff up to its natural thickness before you install it.


Q: Do you have a warranty for the insulation rolls?
A: Polymax Underfloor Insulation has a manufacturer warranty of up to 70 years (Terms & Conditions apply). You will need to retain the information displayed on the label on the outside of each pack, you will need the batch number to exercise any possible claim.


Q: What about the installation, is there a warranty for that?
A: As it is a DIY product, we cannot provide an installation warranty, the installation process is outside of our control. We only had two situations where the insulation did not hold up (when properly installed) - one was from a tradesperson taking it down, the other was a wombat.


Q: Is Polymax Underfloor Insulation easy to install?
A: The difficulty of installing underfloor insulation largely depends on your individual home. Factors like height under the floor, joist spacing, access, among other things all play a part. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions about the installation by clicking this 
LINK, or calling 1300 326 627.


Q: How do you install the Polyester Underfloor Insulation?
A: We have supplied vidoes to show you how to correctly install underfloor insulation.  It is easy to do, you just need a bit of attention to detail to ensure a terrific result.


Q: What fixings, and how many do I need?
A: For the best result we suggest using 10mm galvanised staples, this prevents the staples from rusting and eventually corroding away. Allow about 800 staples per a pack of insulation. Only use an electric stapler, this is for safety reasons.


Q: What stapler should I use?
A: Using an electric stapler is something that we cannot stress enough for your safety due to the fact it will be double insulated, this means on the chance that you happen to hit an electrical wire it will not be a fatal accident. Also, if you have to staple more than 800 times for one pack, I can almost guarantee that your hands are going to hurt!


Q: Do you have a recommended installer for the underfloor insulation?
A: A recommended installer is highly location dependent. To find out if we have a recommended installer in your area please go to this 
LINK, or call 1300 326 627.


Q: What is the underfloor insulation made of?
A: Our underfloor insulation is made from 100% polyester, it’s the best thing to do with PET bottles


Q: Is it fire rated?
A: This excerpt is taken from the datasheet:

The following results were obtained when Polymax was subjected to early fire hazard testing in accordance withAustralian Standards AS 1530.3.

  • * Ignitability Index: 0

  • * Heat Evolved Index: 0

  • * Spread of Flame Index: 0

  • * Smoke Developed Index: 0


Q: Is there a noise reduction benefit on using the bulk insulation products?
A: All insulation will have an acoustic benefit due to its density, unfortunately it is difficult to say how much because the underfloor insulation is designed for thermal performance.


Q: How much improvement would underfloor insulation make?
A: Without underfloor insulation, your floorboards are the same temperature as outside, this is due to the floorboards rating is R0.7.

With carpet and a great underlay, the rating is R1.0 and for many people an additional R0.3 is noticeable.  

When you add our underfloor insulation to your home, your floor will have a minimum rating of R3.2 with a timber floor, or R3.5 with carpeted floor.

With underfloor insulation installed, your floorboards are the same temperature as inside.


Q: Does wind affect the effectiveness of underfloor Insulation?
A: Our underfloor insulation has a dense face which we ensure is facing downwards. Apart from being better for stapling through it also reduces wind penetration of the insulation.  Unless your underfloor is extremely windy, the wind will not penetrate into the insulation. 


Q: Can I cut the Polymax Underfloor Insulation?
A: Manipulating our underfloor installation can be quite easy due to the manufacturer designing it to have a strong integrity when it is rolled out. If it is laying across you it is a LOT easier to tear. If using the turn and tear method is not something that you were interested in you are able to cut our installation with a fine metal cutting blade attached to a circular saw.

PLEASE NOTE This method may not be desirable due to the waste that will inevitably be produced and also reducing the coverage that the underfloor insulation pack will provide.


Q: Can I get a sample?
A: Yes. Please click 
HERE. The cost of the sample kit is refunded when you purchase your underfloor insulation from ecoMaster.


Q: What are the dimensions?
The pack dimensions are 1.3m in length by 0.7m in diameter.  There are 3 rolls per pack. Each roll has a width of 450mm, a loft of 140mm and a length of 10 metres. 


Q: Can I exchange if the insulation is the wrong size or colour?
A: This is only available in one size and the colour is white.  As this is a custom manufactured order it cannot be changed.