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ecoMasterClass - Underfloor Insulation - How To

Difficulty Rating: Intermediate

This insulation is available in both Non-Vacuum Packed (NVP), as well as Vacuum Packed (VP) For best results using the VP Underfloor Insulation we suggest opening the packs a day or two before installing to allow the insulation to reloft




We recommend to staple the material at 100-150 mm intervals to ensure it is secure and will not sag over time

For the best and long lasting result, make sure the insulation staples being used are galvanized.


What you will need: 

  • * Stapler (Electric, Double Insulated)
  • * Staples (Galvanised)
  • * Headlamp/flashlight
  • * Gloves (Garden)
  • * Goggles
  • * Tarps (Helps keep insulation clean)
  • * Lead/Extension Cord
  • * Clothes that can get (really) dirty



ecoMaster’s Chief Technical Officer Maurice talks about how to install floor insulation, as well as the benefits of using the best insulation, and mildly on insulation building code.


These can help: 


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