Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Why won't my draught dodgers stick to the door?

A:  It could be one of two things:  
  1. Your door jamb MUST be clean of oil, dust and debris. This is the most common reason that your draught dodger won't stick to the door.  
  2. If you are painting your door jamb then please allow 1 month after painting before you apply your Draught Dodgers for doors. Acrylic paints dry quickly but can take several weeks to toughen.


Q: Do you have items for aluminium windows/ doors?

A: Typically things are designed for wooden doors, and windows but we do have a few selected items for aluminium. Such as the "Door Perimeter Seal (RP78)", as well as the "Door Draught Excluder RP57".


Q: Do I have to replace the windows or doors if I decide on ecoGlaze or Draught Proofing?

A: Not at all, we retrofit. You can keep your windows/ doors as is. We offer an addition to your home, to make it more thermally efficient.


Q: What is the maximum size that you ship out?

A: We ship out anything up to 2400 mm (2.4 m). This does not include our insulation.


Q: Does painting the frame from raw to white really make a difference?

A: This is aesthetic, so it is entirely up to you. Over all, most people like to match with their existing decor/paint as much as possible.


Q: Why is the insulation not vacuum packed?

A: We do not like to vacuum pack our insulation because it presses it down. When the insulation is pressed like that it does not insulate as well, and it won't work as effectively as it could.


Q: How do I check out?

A: When you select a product it is automatically added to your cart. To complete your purchase, you must click on "Cart" at the top right corner of the screen (next to the shopping trolley). From there just follow the prompts for shipping, and payments. Please be aware that even if you are picking up from Tullamarine, you will need to enter your address in order for your purchase to be completed and processed.