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Draught Proofing

Save between 20 to 70 percent on your energy bills.

Draught Proofing is the simplest, easiest and cheapest way to control air ventilation in your home. Depending on your type of home, its age and condition a well draught proofed home can reduce energy bills between 20 to 70%. In our current economic climate that’s a lot of money to save.

Draught Proofing is the FIRST and most important step you can take to improve the thermal efficiency of your home. It reduces your energy use considerably and improves the thermal comfort of your home.

Many homes lose up to and in excess of 50% of heating and cooling energy to draughts/air leakage/uncontrolled ventilation.. This makes your home difficult to heat and cool, it costs you a lot of money in energy bills and compromises your comfort and your health in your home.


What is Draught Proofing and Why Do It?

Draught proofing is the use of many different products for different areas of your home to prevent warm air from escaping in cold weather and hot air from entering your home during summer.

Draught proofing with quality products achieves two primary benefits for you:

  1. You are going to feel more comfortable in your home throughout all weather conditions.

  2. You will save significantly on your energy costs. Draughts are uncontrolled forms of ventilation and the key to achieving the 2 primary benefits is to find and fix the air leakage in your home.


12 Key Benefits of Draught Proofing

  1. Keep the inside temperature more comfortable all year round

  2. Save money continuously on gas and electricity bills

  3. Control the ventilation in your home

  4. Help prevent some insects, creepy-crawlies from entering your home

  5. Help prevent dust, smoke, pollen and pollutants from entering your home

  6. Prevent windows and doors from rattling

  7. Helps reduce traffic or other outside noise

  8. Eliminate draughts coming down chimneys and through vents

  9. Eliminate leakage from gaps and cracks

  10. Improve your home’s energy rating

  11. Increase the value of your home

  12. Helps the environment.


Where to Draught Proof and What to Use?

  1. Chimneys - When your fireplace is not in use our Chimney Draught Stopper will prevent air movement effecting your comfort. It also stops dust, smoke, pollutants, birds and insects entering your home.

  2. Vents, Fans and Skylights - All have a purpose but can be great sources of leakage if not controlled. Find the perfect solution for sealing these areas here.

  3. Doors – There are many different types of doors. All doors need to be sealed to prevent leakage. Shop for perimeter seals to go around the door, or draught dodgers. For the bottom of doors shop draught excluders and sealing sweeps.

  4. Windows - The level of draught often depends on the window type. We have products for a vast range of different windows with easy to follow video instructions.

  5. Gaps and Cracks – Air flow can occur wherever two surfaces meet or join. The solutions are easy, we sell the most suitable products available and explain how to fix your gaps and cracks.

  6. Pelmets – Your heavy curtains are only doing a part of the job with air flow without pelmets. Our invisible pelmets prevent this air flow without interrupting the aesthetics of your windows. A super easy installation with a great result.


You will find all the products you need to carry out all the Draught Proofing in your home here.
Plus, informative, easy to understand, step by step ‘how to’ videos for you to carry out each task just like a pro.