Underfloor Insulation Sample Kit | About

Both types of Underfloor Insulation Kits contain polyester insulation from different manufacturers, 
These benefits and features are common to all brands of insulation in the kit. 


  • Proven highly effective insulation: Demonstrates the effectiveness and reliability of the insulation.
  • Helps make your home warmer in winter and cooler in summer: Enhances comfort by regulating indoor temperatures.
  • Reduces energy costs by up to 20%: Offers significant energy savings.
  • Not affected by mould or mildew: Increases durability and maintains air quality.
  • Rodent resistant: Prevents infestations, ensuring the longevity of insulation.
  • Non-irritant, non-toxic, non-allergenic, and non-respirable: Safe for all household members, promoting health and comfort.
  • No itching, no glass fibres in your skin, eyes, or lungs: Enhances comfort and safety during and after installation.
  • Non-flammable – will not hold a flame: Adds an element of fire safety to your home.
  • 50+ years Durability Warranty: Ensures long-term reliability and performance.


  • 100% Polyester: Defines the material composition, known for its durability and thermal properties.
  • Hydrophobic, does not hold moisture: Prevents water damage and mould growth.
  • Heat-bonded, with no binding chemicals or glues: Highlights the eco-friendly manufacturing process.
  • Formaldehyde-free: Indicates the absence of harmful chemicals.
  • Contains at least 45% recycled component: Emphasizes environmental responsibility.
  • ISO9001 Quality Certification: Ensures that the product meets high-quality standards.
  • ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certification: Shows commitment to environmental management practices.
  • Manufactured in Australia: Supports local industry and may assure quality.
  • Made for Australian wooden floors: Tailored to fit and function effectively in Australian homes.