Underfloor Insulation Sample Kit | Description

With all the various types and materials available on the insulation market you could spend many hours learning about all the differences.
We only sell polyester insulation because we know it’s the best - and we can show you.

The handy sample kits take all the guesswork out of purchasing insulation. It demonstrates the products available in your State and why they may or may not suit your needs. Most of all, the underfloor insulation sample kit shows just how user-friendly our non-toxic, non-allergenic and “itch-free” our polyester insulation is.

With the Victorian option Underfloor Insulation Sample Kit, you will be able to see the difference between the 3 brands of insulation available in Victoria.
You will be able to select the right product for your needs and order with confidence.

With the Non-Victorian option of the Underfloor Insulation Sample Kit, you will receive samples of the 430mm and 450mm Polymax Insulation made by Bradford CSR. This brand is available Australia-wide.

Included in both kits you will find your discount code that covers the cost of the kit when you place your order. Peace of mind at no cost to you. Your insulation project starts hassle-free from the very start.