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Why Insulate?

Why use Ceiling Insulation?

Did you know that a tiny gap (5%) in your ceiling insulation can reduce the effectiveness of your insulation by 50%?

Ceiling Insulation is the most important insulation you can install in your home. Without it, your home simply can't be cozy in winter or cool in summer. You are guaranteed to have huge energy bills and a really uncomfortable home without proper insulation. In winter, an uninsulated or poorly insulated ceiling will let your expensive heating escape. During the summer, the heat from outside becomes trapped, with no where to go.

What is Ceiling Insulation?

There are may types of ceiling insulation and many things to consider when choosing the best ceiling insulation for your home. ecoMaster's product is 100% polyester and is selected based on its exceptional quality and long term effectiveness. We've returned to ceilings more than fourteen years after installing polyester batts to find that they are still exactly how we installed them! Thick, robust and no evidence of pest damage.

How does Ceiling Insulation work?

Our polyester insulation batts are fitted between your ceiling joists enabling complete coverage for optimal effectiveness. The performance of insulation is measured in terms of R value, which stands for 'Resistance Value'.

The Building Code of Australia requires a minimum value for new homes of R 3.5 in the Melbourne area, and R 4.3 in colder areas of Victoria (excluding plasterboard rated at R 0.7).

*Resistance Value ranges between R 2.0 - R 4.5 * Thickness ranges between 120 mm - 210 mm* 

When to use Ceiling Insulation?

Most ceilings can have ecoMaster's polyester ceiling batts installed. You can even install around ducts you may have in your roof space. Cathedral ceilings and flat (skillion) roofs cannot be insulated unless the roofing can be lifted. 

Who can install Ceiling Insulation?

You can install the ceiling insulation, or you can enroll a friend do help you! If you have existing ceiling insulation, rest assured that it can remain in place. For the best results, level out any existing loose-fill insulation, or fill in the gaps with unused batts, before topping up with our high quality product.

This ensures the best thermal protection for your home. If your home is fitted with down-lights, it is best to replace them prior to installing ceiling insulation so the best possible ceiling coverage can be achieved. Aside from the draught concerns associated with down-lights, it is mandatory to allow an uninsulated portion of ceiling around them from a fire-safety perspective.

Where can I Get Ceiling Insulation?

You can get the ceiling insulation right HERE!


Underfloor Insulation

Why use Underfloor Insulation?

Around 20% of heat loss can be saved by insulating your floors. This means you'll need less heating and cooling to keep your home at a comfortable temperature, and enjoy a much warmer home. The cold air beneath your sub-floor permeates the timber to make a cold and uncomfortable floor. The low insulating properties of timber, combined with possible air leakage, create a heat sink beneath your home, drawing the heat out from below. 

What it is Underfloor Insulation? 

Polyester insulation is manufactured with consistently high quality, making it the most effective product for insulating under timber floorboards. With the specially manufactured rolls this insulation requires fewer joins and is easier to install than ordinary insulation batts. The robust nature of polyester holds its shape over time, ensuring long-term comfort. ecoMaster's unique installation technique sees the material stapled at 10-15cm intervals to ensure it is secure. Only polyester's strong, heat-bonded fibres can be secured with staples for the long term.

How does Underfloor Insulation work?

Insulation's thermal effectiveness is measured in what is called R value; the higher the R value, the better the insulation. An uninsulated floor rates R 0.7, the addition of carpet and a good quality underlay will only improve this rating to R 1.0. ecoMaster's premium underfloor insulation is rated at R 2.5 which achieves an overall rating of R 3.2 (without carpet) or R 3.5 (with carpet). This makes a huge difference to your comfort, adding value to your home and can boost your home’s energy star rating by up to 1½ stars. 

When to use Underfloor Insulation?

ecoMaster's underfloor insulation is suitable for enclosed and open timber sub-floors. Regardless of which type of sub-floor type you have, we recommend installing the highest quality polyester insulation. 

Who can use Underfloor Insulation?

You can install the underfloor insulation, or you can enroll a friend do help you! 

Where can I buy Underfloor Insulation?

Find Underfloor Insulation right HERE!

Call 1300 326 627 for delivery charges in regional areas.

Wall Insulation

Why Insulate my walls?

Help keep the temperature as you like it from all directions. Along with reducing the noise so you can enjoy your newly insulated house. 


How does Wall Insulation help?

  • Helps increase the barrier between the outside temperature and internal temperature.

  • Designed for the thermal insulation of timber-framed buildings.

  • Used between rooms in the house typically, this helps reduce the noise from in between rooms.

  • It reduces airborne sound, impact noise, and noise transmission by controlling resonating noise inside the construction cavity.

 When do I use Wall Insulation?

You can use it any time you find your walls are not keeping the temperature to your standards. They come as insulation segments already cut to fit standard timber-framing.

Most ideal for isolating bedrooms and bathrooms from living spaces.

Can also be used in a mid-floor cavity, to significantly reduce noise between upstairs and downstairs. Great for if a member of the household decides to learn the drums. Who can install Wall Insulation? You can install the wall insulationwhen your walls are open - during a renovation is the very best time.   Where can I get Wall Insulation? It is available to you right here! *Call 1300 326 627 for delivery charges outside metropolitan Melbourne and Sydney.