5 Steps to $0 Energy Bill Course

Are you sick & tired of living in a home that is a sweat box in summer, and turns into an icebox in the winter?
Do you want to take control of your increasing energy bills? 
Does a small energy bill sound more appealing? 
It is possible to make your home a zero energy bill home! 
The secrets to achieving a comfortable home with small energy bills, or, ZERO energy bills can be yours.

In this online course we explain why your energy bills are out of control and what practical steps you can take to:

  • Make your home comfortable all year round (even in extreme weather) 
  • SAVE significant amounts on your energy bills and potentially take your home to $0 energy cost 
  • Make your home quieter 
  • Take control of your carbon footprint
  • significantly increase the value of your home   

There is more!!!  Your investment in this program is 100% tax deductible, this is because it is part of our charity drive for Hands Across the Water, receipts will be provided.
NOTE: This course is not yet available - advanced bookings are now being taken. Keep an eye on your inbox for updates! 
This course is particularly applicable if your home is in "The Red Zone". 


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