Autex Polyester Wall Insulation Batts: Special!

*Collect from Tullamarine ONLY*

Help keep the temperature as you like it from all directions. Along with reducing the noise so you can enjoy your newly insulated house. 
Helps increase the barrier between the outside temperature and internal temperature. Designed for the thermal insulation of timber-framed buildings. You can use it any time you find your walls are not keeping the temperature to your standards. They come as insulation segments already cut to fit standard timber-framing. Cleaning up the warehouse. Overstocked! Super BARGAIN! 

  • Best quality polyester wall insulation batts.
Each pack roughly measures H=135 cm, L=50 cm, W=60 cm. Only R 2.5, 430 mm available for this discount.
  • 50-year Durability Warranty
  • High performance for optimal effectiveness
  • Eco-friendly - 45% recycled component
  • Non-irritant, non-toxic, non-allergenic, no itch, no glass fibres
  • Safe for you and your family 
  • Can be safely handled without protective equipment, gloves or masks
  • Rodent resistant
  • Fireproof - complies well beyond the BCA Standard
  • Manufactured in Australia
  • High-quality solution that lasts the lifetime of your home
  • ISO9001 Quality Certification
  • ISO4001 Environment Management System Certification
      You Will Need:
      • Knife/Blade
      • Clothes you don't mind getting dirty

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