Draught Proofing by Kids #noexcuses

Draught-proofing Doors Made Easy as A, B, C!

Stop draughts from entering your home and keep your home heating/cooling where it should be! Draught Dodgers for Doors is your best ally in improving your home’s thermal efficiency across all seasons.

Installing this door draught seal is so simple and easy even a child can do it!


DIY Draught Proofing That Lasts For Life

We recruited our youngest (and most inexperienced) child to install Draught Dodgers. 12-year-old Daniel had NO previous skills. With being instructed by his Dad on camera, what could possibly go wrong? You'll love Draught Dodgers for Doors (even if Daniel didn't)!

Draught Dodgers for Doors block out draughts from your doors by creating a tight seal around them. This special door seal is commonly installed on hinged single and double doors (external and internal). The 2 door set is perfect for fixing up two (2) standard-sized single doors. The 1 door set is great for fixing a single door, an extra tall door, or a set of French doors.


  • 2 Door Set- 5 moldings, compression seals in either brown or white
  • 1 Door Set- 3 moldings, compression seals in either brown or white

Measurement/ Specs:
Each molding is 2.4 m in length, and 15 mm wide with a 10 mm thick fitted with a self-adhesive strip (for easy installation).


  • No more door draughts from the sides and top of your door
  • Helps to reduce noise
  • Works well on uneven gaps, up to 10 mm gaps
  • Does not interfere with the operation of the door
  • Can be painted or stained to match the door frame
  • Architectural quality
  • Durable - will last the lifetime of your door
  • Highest quality product available in Australia
  • Australian owned and manufactured

Tools You Will Need For Installation:

  • Saw
  • Scissors
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Dry cloth

Can Be Used For:

  • 2 Standard single doors (2 Door Kit)
  • 1 Single door (1 Door Kit)
  • Extra tall doors (1 Door Kit)
  • French Doors (1 Door Kit)


Video Guides:

Fancy taking the DIY path in installing Draught Dodgers on your doors? This video will show you how 12-year-old Daniel installed the door seal all by himself. If a child can breeze through draught proofing doors, so can you!


How was Draught Dodgers designed to make Australian homes draught-free? In this video, ecoMaster Chief Technical Officer and energy efficiency expert Maurice Beinat talks about the excellent qualities of Draught Dodgers.

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