RP1 (Draught Excluder)

Skill Level:          Beginner              Gap Size              0 - 20mm
Available as:     
Single Length     915mm
What it is...
The RP1 is a soft, rolling door brush seal, it can be cut to size during installation.
Why use it...
This product effectively stops draughts coming in under internal doors where other draught excluders are not appropriate.
How it works...
Fitted to the back of a door, the RP1 is designed to roll across the floor as the door is opened and closed, creating a seal between the floor and the back of the door.
The RP1 rides in two slotted hooks allowing it to move up and down as the floor level changes across the sweep of the door.
When to use it...
The RP1 is used:
  • Predominantly on internal hinged doors that open over carpeted floor
  • On internal, hinged doors where there is a rising floor level behind the sweep of the door precludes the use of a other draught excluders
  • On inward opening, external, hinged doors where all other available draught excluders cannot be successfully fitted
The Benefits...
  • Works to reduce draughts
  • Does not interfere with the operation of the door
  • Architectural quality
  • Durability
  • Australian owned

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