RP2A 19mm Brush Seal


What it is…

The RP2A, is a self adhesive brush seal available in bronze, silver and gold.

Why use it…

The RP2A is a bottom door draught excluder, it prevents draughts coming in under internal doors. It can assist with zoning, which enables you to selectively heat or cool an isolated area of your home.

How it works

The brush is sufficiently dense to stop most air infiltration, and as it is fitted to the bottom of the door, is effective when the door is closed.

The Benefits

✓ Works to reduce draught entering

✓Does not interfere with the operation of your door

✓ Straightforward design ideal for use on internal doors

✓ Helps you to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature

✓ Architectural quality

✓ Durability

✓ Australian owned

✓ Reduces your energy bills by minimising the loss of conditioned air


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