RP3 (Draught Excluder) Trade

Skill Level:          Beginner              Gap Size:             0 - 16mm
Available as:     
Single Product   915mm
(Note: This is trade packaging)                                                              
What it is...
The RP3 is an automatic, cam activated, drop down draught excluder, available in bronze, silver and gold. It is supplied in 915mm that can be cut to size during installation.
Why use it...
This is a light duty inexpensive and versatile draught excluder that effectively stops draughts entering beneath external doors and can assist with zoning on internal doors.
How it works...
The wiper blade is pressed down onto the door step by the cam as the door is closed, see above. A spring mechanism lifts the wiper blade clear of the doorstep as the door opens. 
When to use it...
This product can be used:
  • On single hinged doors only (not suitable for double doors)
  • On external and internal doors
  • Where there is some amount of wear on the door step
The Benefits...
  • Works to reduce noise and draughts
  • Does not interfere with the operation of the door
  • Versatile cam activated design ensures a perfect seal upon closing door
  • Durability
  • Australian owned


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