How to Double Glaze Your Windows with Bubble Wrap

How to Double Glaze Your Windows with Bubble Wrap

This is the lowest cost, most effective double glazing you will find. 

Yes, we will concede that is is not the most beautiful solution and you can't see out of your windows.  But if you can see your breath inside when you wake up and your glass of water by the bed is actually frozen (yes - one of our client's had that before they called us), then bubble wrap on your windows is a great stop-gap solution. 

It is brilliant for renters who are unable to justify more expensive solutions, such as retrofit double glazing or replacement double glazing. 

Bubble wrap double glazing is a great way to reduce your heating / cooling bills while giving you a temporary reprieve from temperature extremes. 

Once you have temporary relief in place, you can start researching for more effective glazing solutions. 

A great way to get your home on the energy efficiency retrofit journey is to install DIY secondary glazing.  DIY ecoGlaze is beautiful secondary glazing at a fraction of the price of double glazing. 

DIY ecoGlaze can be installed room by room as your budget allows.   We suggest starting with the most used rooms first so you get the immediate benefit of a more comfortable home. 

But.. in the meantime.. there is bubble wrap!  So this is how it is done. 

You can insulate your windows in under 10 minutes, for under $10!
It's the quick and easy way of double glazing your windows using what you've got around the house. A lot of Australian homes have been built with single glazed windows.

Now, the trouble with single glazing is that glass is actually an excellent conductor of heat. This means that in summer, heat is drawn into your home from outside. You may even recall last summer - feeling like your home heats up during the day and just won't cool down through the night, making it impossible to sleep and extremely uncomfortable to live in.

In winter, it's the opposite, your lovely winter warmth is lost through the glass, leaving you freezing cold, to the point where you barely want to move. You've probably experienced that chill when sitting beside a window in winter - you'd certainly never choose to sit beside a single glazed window, that's for sure.

And it gets worse. Not only are you stuck in an uncomfortable home but the cost of gas and electricity is going up! This means that the more you use your heating and air conditioning, the more expensive your bills are going to be. AND, if your windows are single glazed, you're probably not even enjoying the heating and cooling you're paying for!

The natural thing is to think about double glazing, which traps a layer of still air between two layers of glass to insulate the surface of the window. But double glazing's expensive, right? Not to mention how disruptive and wasteful it is to remove and replace all of your windows!

So, let me show you how to beat the system and use bubble wrap instead. The principle is the same, the bubble wrap has tiny pockets of air trapped all over it and it's this still air that helps to create a barrier and keep your winter warmth in and summer heat out!

You'll need enough bubble wrap to cover your windows, a spray bottle filled with water to stick it onto the glass and a stanley knife to trim your edges. Let me show you how easy it is...
1. Spray the glass
2. Apply the bubble wrap
3. Trim the edges ...

How simple is that?! Obviously it's not going to perform as well as double glazing ... you actually need about a 16mm layer of still air to get the best thermal protection. 

But there it is, the simplest, quickest and certainly the cheapest way to double glaze your existing windows. 

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