Insider Secrets Magazine

In 2003 my husband Maurice and I set out to do something about climate change. Our home was a disaster, emitting nearly double the average carbon emissions. It was freezing in winter and cost a fortune to try to heat it.

We could not find anyone who we could have a sensible conversation with about how to “fix” our home and we could not afford to take a stab at something in the hope that it might work. So we built a cool room and hired a heat chamber, then started testing all the insulation and draughtproofing products in a model home. From there we selected the products that produced the best results and started retrofitting!

Our 1.5 star home was retrofitted to 7.6 stars with no energy bill or carbon emissions; the results were extraordinary! We then turned out attention to “What next?”

We understand folks were busy and might not have the time or skills to do the same level of research. We wanted to share how to achieve these results, so ecoMaster was born. ecoMaster conducted assessments on people’s homes to figure out what the issues are, provide advice on how to fix them and, if wanted, installation services providing the best quality products installed effectively.

To date, we have conducted “deep retrofits” on over 20,000 homes in Melbourne and Sydney; we’ve learnt a thing or two along the way! Retrofitting for energy efficiency is new for many people, so we are often invited to speak at various events and seminars.

One of the questions that I ask is: “Who has put that sticky stuff around your door to stop it from being draughty?” Invariably, the whole room puts up their hands. This is great! Sadly, the next question is: “Who still has that sticky stuff in place?” There may be only one or two hands left up. Everyone else was unsuccessful in their first attempt at a retrofit for energy efficiency.

It’s a crying shame!! For want of knowing about solid solutions that actually work, Aussies could be getting on with great outcomes for their homes - warmer in winter, cooler in summer, much lower energy bills and a significant reduction in carbon emissions.

We are now working on DIY solutions available to a much broader community via www.

We are passionate about sharing our knowledge via online magazines, a super busy Youtube channel that has had an incredible number of viewings, and articles to support others to achieve a comfortable low carbon home much more quickly.

This magazine, “Insider Secrets” forms part of our knowledge sharing. Whilst we are focused on taking positive steps with global warming, we also extend that care to communities. ecoMaster is actively involved in fundraising for several Australian and overseas charities - mostly focused on supporting those in challenging circumstances and require a hand up. 

Since 2017, the ecoMaster team have raised over $28,000. Not only do our clients help to share the knowledge of effectively retrofitting homes for energy efficiency, they are helping to make the world a cleaner, safer and more equitable society.

And that is something to be really proud of.