The DIY Home Energy Efficiency Project Magazine

Learn from award-winning experts, Lyn & Maurice Beinat at ecoMaster how their astronomical energy bill was the catalyst to two decades of research, product development and trial and error in the search for the most economical way to make their home more energy efficient on a budget.

Fast forward to today, and their home is now a 7.6-star energy rated home with energy zero costs and carbon zero emissions.

ecoMaster is here to show you simple, practical DIY projects; room by room that any DIYers can do.  It was all filmed at the ecoMaster test home in the Macedon Ranges, Victoria, Australia.

Initially, we set out to make a difference to climate change.   It is such a BIG issue, we weren't sure what we could do.  But sitting on our hands wasn't going to be a choice we would make either! 

Our home was the ideal candidate and became the test bed for ecoMaster.
Consequently, we only provide solutions that we have empirically tested and have proven to ourselves to be 100% effective. We think that is a pretty novel way to run a business these days. Actually, it’s not even a business, it’s “an obsession” that went well past being a “passion” many years ago. Our solutions are the highest quality available. We rarely provide an alternative because our testing has shown us which product is “best of breed”. So why would we offer you anything less?

For years we only worked on a personalised assessment and customised installation approach. ecoMaster provided that service and is a multi award-winning business.

However, we understood there was a limit to how many homes we would be able to support that way.  To reach a wider audience, faster, the ecoMasterStore was born. Our aim is to provide the same high-quality solutions that ecoMaster is famous for, but to clients who prefer to take a DIY path. We obsessed with how to achieve the same outcomes as our bespoke service, so we support our DIY clients with the same high-quality products as well as full instructional videos for every solution to ensure a brilliant result.

Over the years, we have learnt that most of our clients were sick of living in a home that is freezing in winter and sweltering in summer. They would rather spend their money on a pint of beer than a huge power bill, and ultimately they really want to do something about the environment.

We are an honest, trustworthy business providing an ethical, values based business in which we passionately believe; determined to ensure that every client achieves a great outcome.

We love the fact that we are always learning and looking for ways (sometimes well outside the norm) to find solutions to a particular challenge. We believe that the built environment can be truly sustainable – and we work steadily towards that every day.

There are not many occupations that you can say you made a difference every day. We are so fortunate to have this opportunity - and we would love to share it with you and your family. Would you like to join us?