Meet the Expert

Introducing Maurice Beinat

Energy Efficiency Expert and ecoMaster‘s Technical Director


Maurice Beinat, co-founder of ecoMaster, is a uniquely qualified individual. His knowledge of ‘green retrofit’, ‘energy efficiency’ and ‘thermal performance’ is unsurpassed. Based on his experience of retrofitting thousands of Victorian residences and public buildings for two decades, Maurice is well known as the energy efficiency expert.


Maurice has spent over two decades researching Energy Efficiency Methodologies and Product Development. In this time he has developed unique solutions to improve the thermal efficiency of Australia’s buildings. These include: Draught Dodgers, an architectural quality draught proofing system, placing him as a finalist in the 2011 Bendigo Inventor of the Year Awards; and ecoGlaze®, a revolutionary secondary glazing system that delivers all of the benefits of double glazing, for existing windows, at a fraction of the cost.

Using his own 1.5 star home as a test case, Maurice has developed and applied technologies to reduce his home’s energy consumption by a massive 84%; radically transforming its ‘icebox’ and ‘heat chamber’ tendencies – in a very affordable manner. That home, now rated at 10 stars (up from 7.6), is carbon neutral and pays the family to live there.


Read the whole story of the home retrofit that lay the foundations for ecoMaster here.

Maurice is a spokesperson for the industry, speaking often at state and national sustainability events and conferences. He is regularly interviewed on radio, press and television, including ABC’s 7:30pm report, ABC 774 and The Age. He has studied the Sustainability Victoria First Rate Energy Rating Software, completed the Renewable Solar Grid Connect Course, completed Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Student of the Year 2003), holds a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and is currently completing his NABERS Certification (National Australian Built Environment Rating System) achieving an exam score of 93%.

"Thank you Maurice for a great start to​ ​our journey with​ ​ecoMaster! Draught p​​roofing done and dusted and already feel the difference! Heater is not kicking in as much and have checked a few times to​ ​make sure it is still on! Very happy." [Annie C, Burwood]