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Draught Proofing Kit | 4 Doors | Door Seals

Draught Proofing Kit | 4 Doors | Door Seals

Door Seals

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The Premium Door Draught proofing kit provides lifelong superior draught protection for your home. This comprehensive kit contains high-quality components to weatherproof two exterior doors and two interior doors. Install these top-rated draught-proofing solutions on your hinged single doors to maintain comfortable indoor temperatures year round.

Key Benefits:

Easy installation: Step-by-step installation videos are provided to guide you through the entire process and no speciality tools are required.

Architectural Quality and Reliable: After 20 years of rigorous testing, research and development these products demonstrate high architectural quality and proven reliability.

Does not interfere with the operation of the door: Your doors will still open and close smoothly after being installed.



  • No more door draughts from the sides and top of your door
  • Helps to reduce noise
  • Works well on uneven gaps, up to 10 mm gaps
  • Does not interfere with the operation of the door
  • Can be painted or stained to match the door frame
  • Architectural quality
  • Durable - will last the lifetime of your door
  • Highest quality product available in Australia
  • Australian owned and manufactured

    Suitable For:

    • Single doors
    • Extra tall doors
    • French doors
    • Interior doors
    • External doors


    See the individual specifications for each product to ensure they are correct for your home. The kit can draught proof 2 external doors and 2 internal doors.

    Premium Door Draught Proofing Kit in Raw/Brown:

    For 2 External Doors:
    1 x 2 door Draught Dodgers for Doors (2.35m) kit - Raw Timber
    2 x External Draught Excluders RP3 (915mm)- Bronze
      For 2 Internal Doors:
      2 x EMV Perimeter Seals (5.5m) - Brown
      2 x Internal Draught Excluders RP2A (915mm) - Bronze 

        Premium Door Draught Proofing Kit in White/Silver:

        For 2 External Doors:
        1 x 2 door Draught Dodgers Doors (2.35m) kit - White Aluminium
        2 x External Draught Excluders RP3 (915mm) - Silver
          For 2 Internal Doors:
          2 x EMV Perimeter Seals (5.5m) - White
          2 x Internal Draught Excluders RP2A (915mm) - Silver 



              How To

              This kit will draught proof two external doors and two internal doors. 

              The kit comprises individual products that each have their own installation videos:

              External Doors:

              For the best results Install the RP3 first, then the draught dodgers.

              Internal Doors: 

              The sequence of installation does not matter with the internal doors.



              Q: What is this kit?
              A: This kit contains high quality draught proofing components to treat 2 standard external doors and two standard internal doors. These components draught seal the doors to prevent draughts from entering the top sides and bottom of your doors. 

              Q: Will I still be able to open and close my doors?
              A: These product should not prevent your door from its natural function, if you can no longer open or close your door after installation, then it may have been installed incorrectly.

              Q: What do I do if the product is faulty?
              A: The ecoMaster return policy can be found on the website. 

              Q: Is there a warranty on this product?
              A: ecoMaster products carry a 2 year warranty as long as the product is installed according to our instructions.

              Q: Is there a warranty on the installation of the product?
              A: As it is a DIY product, we cannot provide an installation warranty as the installation process is out of our control.


              How will the order be delivered?

              Orders would be delivered through a courier. 

              Why is the shipping cost high?

              Yes, we agree, the cost of freight is high at the moment.

              Add to that, any item that is over 1.5m long, carries a loading penalty of $10 on top of normal rates by the freighters.

              City to city, we used to pay $15, now it is between $35 to $38. Unfortunately as a small family business we are no longer able to even partially absorb any of this cost.

              We suggest a cost-effective way forward is to ask a neighbour or friend if they want to add an order with yours as the cost of freight remains the same. 

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