Our Values

Maurice and Lyn Beinat started ecoMaster over two decades ago. We wanted to do something about climate change but had no idea where to start.  

What we had was a home that was freezing in winter and really hot in summer, an incredibly high energy bill and double the carbon emissions of the average home. 

With a level of determination bordering on obsession, we built a heat chamber, hired a cool room and started testing. Maurice is the R&D guy - responsible for all the brilliant products that we have developed and use.  

We retrofitted our home from 1.5 stars to 7.6 stars and cost zero, carbon zero.  After that amazing transformation, we realised that this would be our contribution to climate change. It's our "Why!"

Our core mission over the years is to reduce carbon emissions from homes - permanently.  We don't engage in shonky programs that put sticky stuff on doors. It doesn't work, comes off on the first hot day and just adds to land fill. 

You can be assured that our values are not words stuck up on the office wall - they are the actual embodiment of who we are and what we do. 



We are open and honest within our team and with our clients.
We say what we mean, and mean what we say.



Adherence to standards and processes is the way we produce consistently high results.



Occasionally things go wrong.
It’s how we put things right that sets us apart.



We are constantly looking for, or creating, the best products to achieve excellent client and enviromental outcomes.



We always strive for consistent high quality outcomes.
We advise and act to the best of our ability every time.