What Our Clients Say

"You can see that you can really reduce your overall energy consumption and improve your thermal comfort quite significantly."


"Hi! I installed the Draught Dodger last weekend. Good product - works well. Thanks." [G.B.]
"Thanks Ken and please thank June. Normally I don’t order materials online however I couldn’t find a similar (let alone better) product locally that suits my current needs at an affordable price. If this benefits as much as I believe it will, I (or better yet the wife) will probably insist I retrofit the rest of the house! Thank you for your patience with me and look forward to an ongoing relationship as needs require." [S.M.]
"Joel (sales) was a great help. Explained the process and quickly confirmed I could pick up the goods same day. The products you’re offering, especially the Shugg window draught excluders are rare and difficult to find, so your website was invaluable. Joel met me in the office, I signed out the goods and was in my way in minutes - great service. Thanks!" [W.T.]
"When I rang to explain what I needed, the gentlemen I had spoken to was amazing. He waited patiently while I logged in, and helped me navigate the website to place an order. Truly appreciated his help, thank you!" [M.K. ]