What Our Clients Say

"You can see that you can really reduce your overall energy consumption and improve your thermal comfort quite significantly."

"The kit has worked better than anicipated. The temperature around the windows, even on a below zero Canberra night, has been the same temperature as the rest of the room." [N.J.]

"Excellent product, highly recommended! Having already draught proofed my front door I was excited to give my windows the same tratment. I am once again amazed by the difference good draught proofing can make. I have tried every other weather proofing agent including tissues stuffed in the gap. Nothing works. The moment I finished the installation I could hear and feel the difference. No more wind and reduced noise from the outside. They were super easy to install using the instructional video and the windows still open and close as normal. They feel snug and no longer rattle. With all the draught proofing I've done in my house my energy bill has reduced and I can run my heating at lower temperature. The room feels so much more comfortable without a breeeze blowing on my ankles! Thank you!" [M.C.]

"Great service, great product. Fast response. The difference in our house heating was noticeable as soon as we finished. Working with polyester, too easy!" [G.F.]

"When I rang to explain what I needed, the gentlemen I had spoken to was amazing. He waited patiently while I logged in, and helped me navigate the website to place an order. Truly appreciated his help, thank you!" [M.K. ]

"Great kit. The kit came preassembled with all the required parts and the online tutorial was easy to follow. The end result was great." [L.G.]

"Finally, draught proof doors! After spending years trying to use inadequate draught proofing (from bunnings) to treat two external and very warped doors I have found the solution. Having no carpentry skill I was a bit nervous about doing the install myself. I needn't have been. Maurice's instructional videos make the process a breeze. I now have what I've always dreamed perfectly sealed external doors! High quality, made to last, easy to install. Please do yourself a favour and join the draught proofing revolution!" [M.C.]