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Happy Customer

I recently traced the significant draughtiness of an open plan space to some 20 year old double-hung sash windows, which although fitted with brush seals, were missing any meeting rail seals. There were twelve of these, so quite a gap in aggregate. But how to rectify? Inspecting showed that there should have been seals fitted into pre-cut kerfs; and further evidence were some scraps of silicone seal found in a corner cupboard.
After a bout of googling, I found a Raven product that was suitable — only catch was that it was not stocked at retail hardware outlets, and worse it came in 100m rolls which would mean 80% wastage at $3 per meter: ouch!
So I took a chance and asked ecoMaster for advice. Problem solved: they had the seal in the desired colour, and happy to sell just the amount i needed. Perfect!

Hi Peter,

Thank you so much for trusting us, we can't wait to help you again in the future!

Great for reducing glare

I used Renshade on the west-facing double glass door to my shed, where I work inside at a computer. I found it successful and as advertised in greatly reducing radiant heat and glare. It's no miracle cure for a lack of insulation, but nor does it claim to be. I was surprised to find that the product feels more like thick paper than like metal. I was expecting a more heavy-duty product. On day two after installation, one of my cats shredded it to pieces and I had to replace it. Luckily, I had some spare, and now I place a barrier in front of it at night when the cats are trying to get outside. On cloudy and rainy days it can feel a little oppressive, but on sunny days it is well worthwhile. It's much more relaxing working without the glare, and I like its veiled see-through quality.

Hi KB,

We are so pleased to hear that you are satisfied with how Renshade is performing for you. The development of Renshade has been a painstaking one and like all products it is a balance of trying to create something that is durable, still light enough to be fit for it's intended purpose and of course cost. We think we've come up with a great result.
Also, glad to hear that you had some spare after your fur baby got to it, cats are such inquisitive creatures.
Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us and the community. We hope to be able to serve you again in the future!

Cooling plastic sheeted gable patio roof

After researching ways of reducing the greenhouse effect heat from the plastic sheeted gable patio roof at my daughter's house in Aspendale Gardens, I recommended Renshade. I made up 18 Renshade screens as per the Renshade video and fitted them under the plastic sheets. Results were immediate cooling under the gable patio! Mind you if the ambiant temperature reaches into the high 30s and low 40s it will still probably be uncomfortably hot under the patio. But all in all the Renshade has been a success especially with the patio fan assisting. Cost about $1000 for all materials but grandad's labour cost was zilch!

Hi Rolf,

Making 18 screens from the 5 Renshade rolls you purchased is awesome! We're chuffed to hear that our product had an immediate cooling affect. Days outside under the patio will now be so much more enjoyable!
Thanks for sharing your feedback. Have a great day!


I purchased this product from a hardware store about 10 years ago, and it is great. What isn't great is the stores now don't stock it, so I ordered it direct from the company. A companythat promotes itself to be all about saving the environment, but packed the small cover in a box twice it's size, adding insulation that I didn't order, burning up the carbon miles with wasted packaging, and charging almost the same price as the product to post the oversized parcel. I'm glad I don't need another one, as I wouldn't be fooled twice to order one again.

Hello Brett

Thanks for sharing your feedback.
The DraftStoppa is an excellent device for sealing the draughts from your bathroom/ensuite/toilet areas. This is reflected in the numerous positive customer reviews about the product displayed on our website.
Unfortunately, Draft Stoppas can be very easily damaged during the freighting process. A damaged/ non functioning DraftStoppa saves zero energy. So yes, it is a balance between a well padded unit versus a lightly packed but broken one.
We have found that the safest way to avoid damage is to pack the DraftStoppa into a cardboard box and surround it with insulation as padding. This avoids damage during shipping especially when it is travelling interstate.
The insulation can be popped into your roof space if you wish and we will add that the insulation itself is made from 80% recycled PET bottles. The cardboard boxes (also made from recycled materials) can simply be broken down and added to your fortnightly recycling bin.
All freight charge rates are transparent on the store prior to completing your order.

If you have any further feedback, especially about how the draftstoppa is performing we encourage you to give us a call on 1300 326 627. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you directly.

Valvecosy improvements

I ordered a Valvecosy from the EcoMaster and it came promptly in the mail. Only one colour was available: Dune. Same colour as my house. Lucky!
The device was easy to attach to the TPR valve on my HWS but seems a bit loose-fitting around the connection from the HWS. Perhaps some different sized foam inserts included in the pack would give it a better fit to different installations.
The two halves come completely apart which makes it easy to fit but it might be even easier if the halves were hinged in a clamshell arrangement (not so easy to drop one half).
I found the copper pipe draining my TPR valve also stays warm so it is obviously losing energy too and I have covered it in foam lagging. It might be helpful to offer this in a "Customers who bought Valvecosy also bought ..." type offer.
I have a heat pump HWS running off solar energy so the energy I save only costs me the Feed In Tariff. On this basis it might take me fifty years to re-coup my outlay. If I could pick up a Valvecosy in a hardware store for $10 it would be a no-brainer. Give one to each family member. But for $28 plus $11 shipping it's a feel-good indulgence.
Valvecosy is a great idea. It’s just too expensive.

Hi Nigel

Thank you for sharing your review.
So awesome to hear that the colour matched your home too!
We appreciate your comments and will certainly pass on your suggested improvements to the manufacturer.

Valvecosy was tested in 2019 to determine heat loss. The percentage of improvement of heat loss due to Valvecosy was 5.6%.
A 5.6% savings on the energy loss from the tank would pay back that investment faster than one might anticipate.

Thanks again for sharing your thoughts. Have a great day!

I should have done this sooner!

I’m really pleased after installing two DraftStoppa fan covers recently. Super easy to assemble and place over the fans, and definitely a quick win for draught proofing an old house. I only wish I’d done this years ago. A side benefit was the motivation to give the fans a long overdue clean!

Hi Peter,

Oh the overdue fan clean - don't we all dread that one! lol.
Thanks for sharing your review with us and the community. Appreciate it!
Have a fantastic day!

Renshade - works brilliantly.

This product WORKS! I have an upstairs, east facing window which is too close to power lines to access to install anything on the outside. I covered one window and the difference in temp between the covered and uncovered was amazing. Doesn't look pretty, but I can take it off once summer is done and enjoy the warmth of the sun in winter.

Thanks for the great feedback and for supporting our business Kristin! Hope to see you again soon!

Great stuff

Goes on easy, does take a while to cure, cleans up easily too.

Thank you Patrick! We appreciate your feedback!

Good product, simple installation, good service.

We recently completed insulating under the floor of our 120sqm 1950s weatherboard place in Melbourne. It took us close to six months to finish - doing a bit at a time. The installation videos from EcoMaster were very useful and after a short time the process became second nature. It's not a difficult job but it can be physically taxing, in a fairly unpleasant environment, so we found we could only do a couple of hours at a time. But the difference is clear: on cold winter mornings the floorboards feel noticably less cold underfoot since completing each room (and when the cat gets up the warm patch he left stays warm to the touch for quite a while!!). Just be prepared that, depending on what your underfloor area is like, doing the whole house might take a little longer than you plan!

Hi Adam,

We are overjoyed to read your 5 star review! Thank you for supporting our business, we truly appreciate your honest and informative feedback.

Have used on the glass panels of a western facing entrance door. It's made an incredible difference not only to the glare but the temperature of the room and has improved liveability.

Hearing how much you love our Renshade has really brightened up our day here at ecoMaster. Thanks for the awesome review Cushla!
Please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with.

It works well without making the door hard to shut.

Great door seal product. I tried hollow rubber seals but the door was too hard to shut and lock. Even open cell foam wasn't much better. These EMV seals with in the gap rather than the face of the door, and don't impact door closing at all.

Dear Steve,

Wow! Thank you so much for the great feedback about our EMV!
The issues you identify prior to installing are very common remarks that we hear from people when searching for a door seal solution. So glad that our EMV has now addressed those problems for you! Have a fabulous day!

Easy to install!

Super happy with this kit, the instructions were great and it was super easy to do myself

Hey Elana,

we love hearing that our instructions do help to make the install process an easy one for our customers. ecoMaster appreciate your business and value your wonderful feedback. If there is anything else we can do for you, please let us know!

Love this Stuff

Has made a huge difference to our pergola area, and can't wait to see the difference come the full summer sun.

Hi Benjamin,

we appreciate the fantastic review and are thrilled to hear you love our Renshade. We are pretty chuffed with it too!
If there is anything else that we can do for you, please let us know!

Product was great, but the order took 3 weeks to arrive (Melbourne to Canberra), so that would need to be factored into future purchases.

Hi Daniel,

We appreciate your feedback and are very pleased to hear that you rate our product.
In regards to the delivery time, your order was collected by the agent 03/10/2023 and delivered 18/10/2023. It appears to have been 'Held for Processing' at the Canberra depot for some time. We're unsure of the reasoning behind this hold up but do agree that on this occasion delivery did take longer than expected. We will pass your feedback onto the courier.

Unable to accurately rate its effectiveness as it's still Spring.
Straightforward to install. Aesthetically, not a great look from outside but I do like I can see out from inside. If the product helps to keep W facing windows cooler during Summer then that's more important.
Would have been a nice gesture to include a package of Velcro dots rather than have to purchase separately.

Hi Lynsey

Thank you for taking the time to share your feedback with us.

We have painstakingly developed Renshade to be a temporary, yet possible long term solution that will still allow views outside

To keep Renshade affordable, you will be able to see it in your windows from outside, however it is a very cost effective option in comparison to more permanent solutions which may range from $400 for a simple small system, to well over $1000 for larger or more complicated installations.

Many of our clients do install Renshade in flyscreen frames as opposed to ultizing Velcro dots, so they are not necessary with every order. However, as you have mentioned we do make these available for purchase depending on the individual’s requirements.

We would be very interested to hear your thoughts on how our product performs for you after the summer season is over.

If you have any questions we encourage you to reach out to one of our friendly staff members on 1300 326 627 who will be very happy to help.

Thank you again for your feedback, we appreciate it and hope to serve you again in the future.

Recommend this product

Have tried other products to try and draft proof our windows with very limited success. The draft dodger for double hung windows is easy to install and works as advertised. I am extremely happy with the results and look forward to see how it performs over the long term.

Hi Garry,

Thank you for your great review! We are thrilled you enjoy our Double Hung Window Kit and can't wait to serve you again!

Arrow T50 Staples
Michael Phillips

Excellent product

From the whole team here at ecoMaster we thank you for your review Michael!

Great bit of easy fit ..!

Wasn't sure if this would make a difference, at $17 it was inexpensive and easy to find out - yes!, I truly does make a difference.
I'd argue it reduces the breathing of your space, what it's designed to do, so provided you have windows &/or unsealed doors to open ...... I'd recommend over the bounce-back foam/rubber

Hi Kevin,

we are so glad to hear that you love our product and appreciate the glowing review! Have a superb day!


When it works it is convenient to install but firstly I thought I was getting 3 rolls per pack (as per the 450mm and picture) but I ended up getting 2 per pack because I didn't notice the fine print so I don't have enough product and ended up going to Bunnings for the rest. Then I found out that the 10m rolls I thought I was getting are actually 9.2 - 9.5m so I have even less than I thought. This is in the process of being resolved which they have been good about, but still not resolved.

What I really need is the 500mm width rolls for a small area of my project, but they only supply > 200m2 of this width so I have to do something else there. Of course it is the most difficult bit of the project, so I didn't realise the joist widths there are different from the rest.

In all if I'd known about all these issues I wouldn't have started but now I'm stuck with 5 rolls of the stuff (thought I was getting 15, have put in 5) that I need to put somewhere so I'm trying to complete. It's an old kitchen so I expected issues and tried to make it easy for myself but this is too much. I'm not sure I'm going to be able to staple it down because I've had enough.

The good things - not itchy, easy to work with when joist widths correct, feel happier about avoiding wiring issues than the other stuff, doesn't burn.

Hi Liz,

Thanks for your review.

As part of the resolution you alluded to, we have sent you an additional pack of insulation free of cost to make up for those rolls that were shorter than the 10m specified. The Manufacturer takes such discrepancies in their product seriously and we at ecoMaster take them even more seriously.

I'm sorry to hear that you did not get the number of rolls expected. We do go to great efforts to make all relevant information about our products available on our webstore; Each one of our products have 'How To' and 'FAQ' sections that demonstrate the ins and outs of measuring joist spacings and installing insulation.

The products also have the 'Specs' section, which thoroughly documents the specifications of our product including its sizing. These sections are readily visible just under the photos of our products and are alluded to in the Description of the Product too.

Under some circumstances Insulation manufacturers will make custom sized insulation. As this is a bespoke solution the minimum order quantities are high to ensure the logistics of the manufacturer are un-hindered. Typically a domestic residence is not large enough to justify the cost of bespoke sized insulation.

As a result, the way that professional install crews manage varied joist spacings is by using the “Turn and Tear” method. This is done by installing the insulation rolls in segments perpendicular to the joist. Indeed this is the way we here at ecoMaster handled this quite common occurrence on over 10 000 underfloor insulation instals.

In the case that our documentation is not ample information, our sales and support staff are ready for all possible questions. Give your helpful ecoMaster team a call on 1300 326 627

Simply effective

Cost effective, the How-to video makes it easy to install, and it works well indeed.

Thank you so much for your feedback Tony. It makes us incredibly happy to know that our installation videos are doing their job so well and of course that you are pleased with our Chimney Draught Stopper. We appreciate you being a customer!

Already the difference is amazing and summer hasn't even started yet.

The Renshade product is amazing. Already the difference is amazing and summer hasn't even started yet. I totally appreciate your service, supplying an additional small roll free of charge. I will totally be recommending your Company and product...thanks again

Please accept our sincere gratitude for your kind words Peter. We very much appreciate your feedback!

Margaret Puli

Best sliding aluminium (EcoMaster) ever and great door strips. I have recommended your Company to friends. Many thanks

Thank you for your glowing review Margaret! We are grateful for your kind words and are so pleased that you recommend us to your friends. Have a wonderful day!

Door Draught Excluder - RP1 - Fluffy Roller - Over Carpetted Areas

We are incredibly grateful that you took the time to leave us a 5 star review Norma - it's much appreciated!


Great service good price !

Hi Rosalind,

on behalf of our team at ecoMaster, thanks so much for the marvelous 5 star review. It means a lot to us!

Careful of the orientation on double hung windows

After cleaning and installing on the meeting rail of the lower sash, I found that the sash lock hook on the upper sash would catch and tear the EMV away when opening the window. I'll try inverting the EMV and installing to the upper sash meeting rail as an alternative. That way, there's nothing to catch the EMV when the window is opened. Regarding adhesive, the windows are cedar, which may have been coated in eco-oil by the previous owner, so they don't stick too well. May need to paint the area the adhesive stick to with a gloss paint first. The Moroday seals from Bunnos use an an adhesive with what appears to have fibreglass mesh embedded in it. This adhesive seems to work better than the EMV adhesive

Thank you for your feedback on EMV with a double hung window Damian. We specifically address this issue in this video about how to install Draught Dodgers for Double Hung Windows and the EMV component as the center seal. Please watch this video at 5:00 and particularly at 5:28 which shows exactly how to deal with the issue you have reported.