About Us

What we stand for…

✓     Creating a Truly Sustainable Built Environment
Endorsing Retrofit Solutions Based on their Effectiveness, Longevity, Durability, Functionality and Aesthetics
Leading the Way with Integrity and Innovation
Providing Genuine Expertise as Trusted Industry Leaders
Wide Scale Education to Empower Wide Scale Change
Practical Advice, Accessible Solutions and Achievable Outcomes

Meet the team…

At ecoMaster we believe that the energy efficiency of any building can be improved without structural change. Our retrofit solutions are designed to optimise the thermal efficiency of existing buildings, meaning that they require less energy to keep at a comfortable temperature. Our expertise spans: draught proofing; secondary glazing; and ceiling, underfloor and wall insulation.

ecoMaster‘s dedicated and friendly team all share the vision of a safe, low carbon future. Every day we work with wonderful clients who share the same values as we do, working with exceptional retrofit products to make a permanent difference.

Under the direction of energy efficiency expert, Maurice Beinat, ecoMaster‘s lateral thinking research and development team produce effective retrofit solutions centered upon longevity, durability and architectural esthetics. We don’t tolerate low-quality, temporary solutions and where the market has failed to meet our standards, we have developed our own exceptional range of the highest-quality products.

A brief history…

Co-founded in 2003 by Lyn and Maurice Beinat, ecoMaster was one of the first Energy and Thermal Efficiency Retrofit businesses to emerge in Australia. Now over two decades later, ecoMaster has firmly established ourselves as the leader in the industry, offering our ethical, quality, trusted advice to thousands of people who want a more sustainable home.

ecoMaster has received many awards for our ground-breaking work in energy efficiency. In 2009, ecoMaster CEO, Lyn Beinat, was awarded the prestigious HIA GreenSmart Professional of the Year,  in Parliament House, Canberra, for leadership and professionalism. ecoMaster was the first green retrofit business in Australia to be awarded a national award from an industry peak body.  

Using our own home as a test case, Lyn and Maurice Beinat have reduced their home’s energy consumption by a massive 84%. Our  home, which was producing almost double the national average of greenhouse gas emissions is now a zero emission home that pays the family to live there. More comfort, less energy, all year round.

In 2020 ecoMaster created our online store to support DIYers to achieve the same great outcomes as we achieved with our custom assessment and installation business.

Why ecoMaster?

ecoMaster stands out in the home DIY energy efficiency space due to our unique combination of high-quality materials, sustainable practices, innovative design, and customer-focused services.

High-Quality, Safe Materials:
ecoMaster’s range uses premium draught proofing, secondary glazing and insulation products that are hypoallergenic and free from harmful chemicals. This makes our products safe for all living spaces.

Durability and Resistance:
ecoMaster products are designed to be fire-resistant, rodent-resistant, and unaffected by water. This ensures long-term performance and reliability, reducing the need for replacements.

Environmental Stewardship:
ecoMaster uses recycled materials and designs its products to enhance energy efficiency, helping to reduce the overall carbon footprint of homes.

Ease of Installation and Management:
Products like Draught Dodgers, ecoGlaze, Value Poly polyester insulation rolls and Joisties are designed for DIY installation, making it easy for homeowners to retrofit their homes.

Innovative Solutions:
The ecoGlaze and the Joisties system for steel-framed floors exemplifies ecoMaster’s commitment to innovation. These products simplify the insulation process and ensure effective thermal barriers.

Comprehensive Support and Resources:
ecoMaster offers extensive support through educational materials, installation guides, and personalised assistance, ensuring customers have all the information they need for successful insulation projects.

Customisable Options:
With a wide range of products tailored to different needs, ecoMaster can provide solutions that fit various construction styles and climate requirements.

Long-Lasting Performance:
ecoMaster's products are designed to maintain their effectiveness over time, providing consistent thermal performance and contributing to long-term energy savings.

Sustainable Manufacturing:
By prioritising sustainable materials and processes, ecoMaster not only enhances the energy efficiency of homes but also supports broader environmental goals.

Customer Satisfaction Focus:
ecoMaster’s dedication to customer satisfaction is evident in our user-friendly products, comprehensive support, step-by-step comprehensive how-to videos and tailored solutions.

Apart from all that, we are very nice people to deal with and genuinely want you to achieve a great outcome for your home and your family.