4 x Window Double-Hung/Sash Windows Draught Proofing Kit | 4 Windows | Description

ecoMasters high quality Draught Dodgers seal rattling double-hung windows to reestablish tranquillity and calm within your home. Going beyond just stopping drafts, these acoustic and air-leakage seals stabilise loose window panes. You can draft-proof 4 windows for less than replacing one aluminium or half the cost of one timber window. For convenience, the Premium Double Hung Kit enables easy draught-proofing of 4 windows.

Key Benefits:

Eliminates window rattle: Secures the window to prevent rattling.

Reduces draughts: To save on cooling and heating costs while keeping your home comfortable year-round, Draught Dodgers for Double hung windows carefully seal any air leaks around windows to prevent drafts and heat loss.

Does not interfere with your window operation: After installation, your window will operate quietly and draft-free, as intended.