Autex Polyester Wall Insulation Batts (Victoria Only) | Description

Victoria is home to a number of unique homes that are steeped in history and feature stunning architecture. Whether it’s a grand mansion, terrace house or converted warehouse building, Victoria has an incredible selection of homes to explore with each one telling its own story about this highly diverse corner of Australia’s southeast coast.

The beauty of a home is one of the main things that attract people to live in them. It is wonderful to feel that your home is a sanctuary and it is important that you always feel comfortable when you are inside.

One of the major reasons that a home may not be comfortable inside is due to the walls not being insulated. When many old homes were originally built, the important component of wall insulation was often overlooked, turning an otherwise beautiful home into an icy box in the winter and a sweltering oven in the summer.

Wall insulation is a major contributor to thermal efficiency in your home that can extend the lifetime of your home without disturbing the original beauty.

Polyester wall insulation not only provides energy savings but helps create a cozy and pleasing atmosphere in your home.

This polyester insulation for walls is a great candidate for that purpose. It will create a barrier between you and the outside elements, creating a warmer home during winter and a cooler home during summer and reducing your utility bills. .

This insulation in walls serves as a deterrent for rodents and insects, keeping your home in the ideal condition both for your family and the climate.

These insulation wall batts are suitable for new builds too.

With the many new housing developments popping up around Victoria’s metro and regional areas as well as new homes being built privately by builders, wall insulation is on the mind of Australians more so than ever.

The new building code for these new Victorian homes requires a high level of wall insulation in the external walls to ensure the required level of energy efficiency.

This in addition to polyester's superior anti-pest / flame / water properties makes Autex Polyester Wall Insulation a great solution to bolster the thermal efficiency and comfort of your home.

If you are building your new home, renovating or extending your home then make sure you insulate your walls to help maintain internal comfort and keep your utility bills under control all year round with Autex polyester insulation wall batts.
Polyester wall batts are a great investment in an existing timber or steel frame home, particularly if you have already insulated your ceiling and under your wooden floorboards.

Turn your home into a cool and cozy paradise.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There is a minimum order quantity of 200 square metres of Autex Wall Insulation Batts.

If this is an issue, please look at Value Poly Wall Insulation as an excellent alternative.