Autex Roof and Ceiling Insulation Batts (Victoria Only) | Description

Autex polyester insulation batts are one of the best forms of bulk insulation you can get. They keep their shape and tear to fit any size gap making them cost effective. (The performance of insulation is measured in terms of R-value, which stands for "Resistance Value.")

The Building Code of Australia requires a minimum value for new homes of R 3.5 in the Melbourne area and R 4.3 in colder areas of Victoria (excluding plasterboard rated at R 0.7).

In our lab, Autex roof and ceiling insulation batts have survived water, fire and compression testing, emerging with dimensions and durability intact.

We wanted to provide a ceiling insulation product that would stand the test of time, suit a wide range of applications – including cold Victorian winters - and reduce household energy bills. Autex polyester insulation delivers.

When this material is exposed to flame, it just melts. Water runs straight through it, allowing it to dry very quickly, retaining its form and bulk. If you sit on Autex roof insulation batts, they bounce right back to their original shape!

Some types of batts aren’t this resilient, which impact their R-value and make them less energy efficient. Autex poly insulation is super easy to install too.

When we chat to people who want to buy insulation, we often find they don’t know how much ceiling insulation they have, and what type it is. Many are unsure whether they have it at all.
The good news is, you can lay polyester ceiling batts from scratch, or use them in addition to your existing insulation.

In terms of insulation prices, poly batts offer terrific value for money. With thermally bonded fibres – no glues or nasty chemicals – this thermal insulation also helps protect your health while looking after the environment.

If you’re looking for green insulation, it’s a great choice. When it comes to durability, these Australian-made polyester batts feature a 50-yeardurability warranty on product performance when correctly installed.

Check out the ‘how to’ video today. It’s easy to install, buy insulation for your ceiling now.

IMPORTANT NOTE: There is a minimum order quantity of 200 square metres of Autex Ceiling Insulation Batts.