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Chimney Draught Stopper - About

Chimney draughts mastered with ecoMaster’s exclusive Chimney Draught Stopper

The most simplistic and efficient solution in Australia for draught proofing chimneys

ecoMaster have made it easy for you to draught proof your unused chimney with our exclusive Chimney Draught Stopper


  • * Can be removed to use the fireplace
  • * Use a string or ribbon as a decorative feature as a reminder to remove before starting your fire
  • * Helps to control your ventilation
  • * Prevents cold air from entering your home
  • * Prevents warm air from leaving your home
  • * Prevent hot air entering your home in summer and cool air from leaving
  • * Saves energy costs
  • * Good for the environment – reduce your emissions and improve your carbon footprint
  • * Prevents dust, external smoke, pollen, rodents, bugs, birds from entering  your home
  • * Water resistant


If you are interested in finding out how you will be helping the environment by draught proofing your home, this might appeal to you...

Some of ecoMaster’s simple, low cost, DIY products are featured in this enlightening 2020 documentary.


Suitable for:

  • * Standard chimneys
  • * Corner chimneys – may need two
  • * Treats cavities for sliding doors where they are open to underfloor / wall / ceiling
  • * Oversized vent boots
  • * Draught proofs large gaps around plumbing areas



  • * 12 months manufacturer warranty
  • * Non-toxic
  • * Flexible foam
  • * Can be cut to size
  • * Easy to trim, shape and insert