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Chimney Draught Stopper - How To

Chimney draughts mastered with ecoMaster’s exclusive Chimney Draught Stopper

The most simplistic and efficient solution in Australia for draught proofing chimneys

ecoMaster have made it easy for you to draught proof your unused chimney with our exclusive Chimney Draught Stopper


What you will need: 

  • * Measuring tape
  • * Pen/marker
  • * Snap blade/knife
  • * Light/torch
  • * Hammer (recommended)
  • * Drop sheet
  • * String/twine/decorative piece (optional)



  • 1. If your chimney is larger than 1000mm X 300mm you can use an upholstery spray adhesive to glue two (or more) Chimney Draught Stoppers together.
  • 2. Then cut to the size you specifically need for the perfect fit. Make sure to measure first!



How to measure your Chimney Draught Stopper - These details are outlined in the How To Install Chimney Draught Stopper video

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