DP Roll | Draught Proofing Sample Kit for Installers | About

This DP Roll is an all-encompassing solution for anyone looking to improve the energy efficiency of residential spaces, ensuring both practicality and professionalism in every aspect of draught proofing.


Comprehensive Toolset: Includes every necessary component to address draught proofing across different areas of a home.

High-Quality Products: Each item within the roll is carefully selected for its quality and effectiveness in sealing gaps and reducing energy leaks.

Long Warranty Periods: The products come with extensive warranty periods, ensuring long-term reliability and customer satisfaction.

Portable Design: Encased in a durable, cloth roll that is easy to carry, perfect for on-site demonstrations and consultations.

Washable Material: The roll itself is made from a fabric that can be easily washed, maintaining hygiene and durability.

Demonstration Capabilities: Ideal for visually showing clients how each component works, aiding in decision-making and product understanding.

Aesthetic Flexibility: Helps alleviate any concerns about how the products will look in a client’s home by providing a real-world view.



Enhanced Home Comfort: By effectively sealing draughts, it helps maintain a consistent indoor temperature, enhancing comfort levels.

Energy Efficiency: Reduces the need for excessive heating or cooling, cutting down on energy consumption and utility bills.

Educational Tool: Empowers homeowners or clients by demonstrating practical applications, which can increase the adoption rate of energy-saving practices.

Professional Presentation: Boosts the credibility of energy consultants or DIY enthusiasts when presenting to clients, thanks to the high-quality and comprehensive nature of the toolkit.

Ease of Use: The roll's portability and the quality of the components make it easy for home owners to understand exactly what they are getting. 

Sustainability: By using products with long warranties and sustainable materials, it contributes to environmental conservation efforts.