DP Roll | Draught Proofing Sample Kit for Installers | Description

Introducing the ultimate tool for home energy efficiency assessments: the Draught Proofing Roll (DP Roll). This comprehensive kit is expertly designed to address all aspects of draught proofing in a client's home, ensuring you can precisely specify the correct products needed for any space.

The DP Roll allows you to visually present how various components will function within a home. This not only clarifies the practical application but also helps alleviate any aesthetic concerns clients might have by showing the high-quality products in action. Each item within the roll is selected for its superior quality and effectiveness, backed by long warranty periods that underscore their durability and performance.

Crafted from durable, washable cloth, the DP Roll is designed for convenience. It's easy to carry, making it an ideal choice for in-home consultations and demonstrations. The roll itself is complete with every tool and component needed to ensure thorough draught proofing, making it an indispensable resource for professional energy consultants.

With the DP Roll, enhance the selection of draught proofing products to bring comfort and energy efficiency to any home. Its all-in-one functionality and educational approach make it a valuable investment for anyone looking to reduce energy costs and improve indoor environmental quality.