DraftStoppa | Exhaust Fan Covers | FAQ

Q: What does this product do and how does it work?
A: DraftStoppas are installed above exhaust fans to stop excessive air leakage when exhaust fans are not in use. This product has gravity operated butterfly wings that open when the fan is in use but close when the fan is switched off, preventing unwanted air leakage.

Q: How is a DraftStoppa installed?
A: The DraftStoppa comes with easy to follow instructions. Simply assemble the four components and drop it over the top of the exhaust fan. There is a notch for the fan electrical cable to pass through.

Q: Are there any things to watch out for?
A: Occasionally there are obstructions that cause fitting difficulty. The most common ones are:

- The ceiling joists are too close together to accommodate the DraftStoppa as it is slightly wider than the exhaust fan.
- There is a pipe above the exhaust fan.
- The power outlet supplying the fan has been fitted too close to the fan.

Q: Can I fit the DraftStoppa on my 3-in-1 heat lamp unit?
A: Well yes and no. Technically it is possible with the use of a specific Adapter Plate AND rewire the electrical switch so that the fan is on any time the heat lamps are used. This is necessary to prevent melting the DraftStoppa. It is our view that a better approach is to replace the heat lamp unit with one that has a built-in back draught baffle.  However, we do offer the Adapter Plate if you wish to retain your existing fan.  [Learn more]

Q: What if my exhaust fan is on the ground floor of a two story home?
A: Usually the DraftStoppa can still be fitted, however the process is a little different. To fit the DraftStoppa into the inter-floor space (which is almost always a very draughty space) follow these steps:

  • Remove the fan grill as well as the fan from the ceiling. Let it hang by the electrical cord.
  • Take the DraftStoppa and fit the wings to each half of the round casing.
  • Put each half into the inter-floor space and then assemble the two halves within the inter-floor space.
  • Carefully replace the exhaust fan being careful to feed the electrical cable through the notch provided in the DraftStoppa.
  • Refix the fan into the ceiling and replace the grill.

Q: Will I still be able to use my fan?
A: This product should not prevent your fan from its natural function. If it does, then it may have inadvertently pushed into the side of the fan blades. Repositioning the DraftStoppa should clear the problem.

Q: How do I get a good seal around the base of the DraftStoppa with the power cord in the way?
A: There is a designated hole at the base of the fan that allows the power cord to fit.

Q: Are there any tips for fitting the DraftStoppa?
A: A couple of tips to help you successfully fit the DraftStoppa and achieve significant energy savings.

  • You need to be mindful that there is enough clearance AROUND the fan in the roof space.
  • You will need some clearance ABOVE the DraftStoppa for the flaps to open and close.
  • The joists in the ceiling need to be spaced wide enough for the Draft Stoppa to fit over the fan and still sit flat on your plasterboard. 

Q: Is there anything special I need to know about the Draft Stoppa before it is installed?
A: Yes - DO NOT leave it sitting in the sun (even for a short time) as UV rays will warp the butterfly wings on the DraftStoppa.  This will prevent the DraftStoppa from creating a seal between the flaps and the base.