Draught Dodgers | Description

Draught Dodgers for Doors is an all-weather door seal that keeps out drafts without sacrificing aesthetics. This Australian-made kit uses high-quality materials to durably seal variable door gaps from top to bottom. With basic tools, you can install this foolproof draft blocker on any door for a lifetime of protection against intrusive air leaks.

Key Benefits:

Effective Draught Proofing: The best solution to seal the sides and top of your door (the top and both sides) against drafts. This is important because a door should have a tight seal on all sides to prevent drafts from entering.

Can help to reduce outside noise: While Draught Dodgers have not undergone acoustic testing, our clients consistently report that their homes become much quieter after the installation of Draught Dodgers.

Draught Dodgers also reduce dust, pollen, smoke, bugs and insects: The quality seal continuously safeguards your doors from the elements outside.

Designed, Owned and Manufactured in Australia: Since 2003, this “quality obsessed” Australian family has run the business and conducted their own research and development to achieve great outcomes.