Draught Dodgers for Double-Hung | Sash Windows | Window Seals | Description

ecoMasters Draught Dodgers seal rattling double-hung windows, restoring peace and quiet at home. This high-quality solution acts as both an acoustic and draught seal, stabilising loose window panes and blocking air leaks around windows.

Draught Dodgers for Double-Hung Windows - silencing rattling windows affordably.

Key Benefits:

Eliminates window rattle: Eliminate disruptive draughts and noise from old double-hung windows by sealing them with Draught Dodgers for Double-hung windows

Reduces draughts: To maintain comfort in your home during summer and winter without needing extra air conditioning, they carefully seal any air leaks around your windows.

Does not interfere with your window operation: After installation your window will operate normally, without the noise and draughts.