Draught Dodgers for Wind Out | Outward Opening | Awning | Casement Windows | Description

Draught Dodgers for Awning Windows stops draughts from sneaking into your home around awning or casement windows. The award-winning kit seals your windows with a lightweight, airtight compression seal that presses against the window edge as you close it, sealing the entire perimeter.

Key Benefits:

Reduces draughts: They diligently seal air leaks around your windows to maintain comfort in your home during summer and winter without needing extra air conditioning.

Works to reduce noise: Though Draught Dodgers for Awning windows have not been acoustically tested, clients consistently say their homes become much quieter after installing the draught-blocking product.

Architectural Quality: This window kit is crafted from high quality, durable materials that will last the life of your windows.