EMV Slim Line | Aluminium Sliding Window Seals | About

EMV Sliding Window Seals for Aluminium Windows come in 5.5m rolls and consist of a plastic strip with a self-adhesive lining. The strips are designed to create an airtight seal around aluminium sliding windows, in turn reducing air gaps and draughts. Using EMV window seals helps make your home or rental more energy efficient and comfortable.


  • Seals gaps of 2mm to 7mm in aluminium sliding windows
  • Does not interfere with the window’s opening and closing mechanisms
  • Can be installed using simple household items – no special tools required
  • Long-lasting and durable product 


  • Seals out draughts, dust, smoke, pollen and insects
  • Improves your home’s thermal comfort
  • Increases the energy efficiency of your home or rental
  • Helps make your home cheaper to run
  • No maintenance is required