External Door Draught Proofing Kit | About


  • Helps to provide a restful and comfortable environment: Eliminate uncomfortable breezes, unwanted noise, dust, smoke, pollen, and insects, rodents and snakes from entering your home.
  • Helps to achieve a pleasant indoor temperature all year round: Prevent hot and cold draughts from entering your home from under and around your external door, ensuring a comfortable living space regardless of the season.
  • Improved indoor air quality: Helps to minimise the entry of airborne pollution, ensuring a healthier living environment.
  • Cosy and quiet living space: Helps to reduce outside noise.
  • Easy to follow video instructions: Achieve a seamless and professional look that complements your home’s joinery.
  • Long-lasting and effective performance: The products are designed for long-term use, they will likely last the lifetime of your door, providing a reliable, efficient and effective draught-proofing solution.


  • Door Draught Dodgers: Designed to seal off gaps on the sides and top of your door.
  • RP3 Draught Excluder: Specifically designed to be attached at the bottom of your door where there is a gap up to 16mm.
  • Works well on uneven door steps up to 13mm.
  • High, architectural quality and reliable: The products have been perfected through 20 years of testing, research, and development.
  • Easy installation: Step-by-step installation videos provided to guide you through the process.
  • Seamless integration: The kit complements the joinery in your home for a professional look.
  • Colour options: Raw Timber, or powder coated aluminium in either White or Black.
  • The Aluminium variant is totally weather proof and can be painted to match your joinery
  • Timber Draught Dodgers can be stained to match the door frame.
  • Does not interfere with the operation of your door.
  • The mouldings are already angle cut to achieve a perfect joint.
  • The highest quality external door draught proofing product in Australia.
  • Draught Dodgers are exclusive to ecoMaster and have earnt the coveted Australian Made and Owned logo.
  • Draught Dodgers designed and manufactured by ecoMaster.