External Door Draught Proofing Kit | Description

This door draught-proofing kit contains two key components to block drafts, pests, and noise from entering under an exterior door. First, it includes ecoMaster's exclusive Door Draught Dodgers to seal the door edges. Second, the kit provides an RP3 Draught Excluder designed to attach beneath the door, filling any gaps at the threshold. Together, these components create a tight seal around and under the door to prevent air leaks, insects, and other unwanted intruders, helping keep interiors comfortable, quiet, and free of airborne irritants.

Key Benefits:

Easy installation: Step-by-step installation videos provided to guide you through the process.

Architectural Quality and Reliable: After 20 years of rigorous testing, research and development these products exhibit high architectural and proven reliability.

Does not interfere with the operation of the door: The door operates unhindered after installation.