Flush-It Septic Treatment Product | How To

Flush-It Traveller:
    • Ideal for portable toilets in RVs, boats, and campers.
    • Add one sachet directly to the portable toilet's waste holding tank.
    • The sachet will dissolve and start working to break down waste and control odors.
    • Use regularly for optimal performance of the portable toilet system.
    Flush-It Starter-Pack:
      • Begin by dissolving one sachet of the Flush-It Starter-Pack in a moderate amount of water.
      • Pour the dissolved solution into the toilet bowl.
      • Flush the toilet to ensure the solution enters the septic system.
      • Repeat this process with each toilet connected to the septic tank for thorough treatment.
      Flush-It 3-Month Supply:
        • Use one sachet from the Flush-It 3-Month Supply per month.
        • Dissolve the sachet in water and pour it into the toilet, as with the Starter-Pack.
        • Flush the toilet to distribute the treatment into the septic system.
        • This regular monthly treatment helps maintain a healthy septic system.

        For each variant, it's important to follow the specific instructions on the package for best results.