French Door Draught Proofing Kit | Draught Dodgers | Description

Our Australian-made French Door Draught Proofing Kit provides everything you need to seal air leaks between double doors, one of the most challenging door styles to insulate properly. This DIY-friendly kit includes high-quality, self-adhesive weather-stripping and an instructional video to walk you through achieving a professional seal that will reduce your energy costs by preventing draughts. With this carefully curated collection of draught exclusion products, including specialized astragal seals for French doors, you can easily install effective insulation and enjoy greater home comfort and energy efficiency.

Kits suitable for most French door formats: The kits are compatible with most French door styles, accommodating both outward and inward opening doors.

Durable: This product is built to withstand years of use, crafted from high quality and durable materials.

Full video installation instructions: Comprehensive instructions are included under the "How to" tab.