GCE6 | Shugg / Frameless | Sashless Windows | Description

The innovative Glass Clip Edge (GCE6) draught excluder is made especially for shameless windows and offers a simple, quick, and do-it-yourself method for sealing double-hung windows. For homeowners hoping to lower their heating and cooling expenses and increase their home's energy efficiency, this revolutionary solution is a game-changer.

The GCE6 has a special clip-on design that makes it simple to attach to the edges of double-hung windows. This creates a tight seal that keeps warm air inside and chilly winds outside. The GCE6's translucent material guarantees that it will integrate in perfectly with the window frame, preserving the window's aesthetic appeal while offering superior insulation.

For homeowners wishing to improve the energy efficiency of their windows, the GCE6 installation is an easy and affordable alternative because it doesn't require any specialized tools or knowledge. You may live in a more comfortable atmosphere all year round with the Glass Clip Edge, all without the trouble of using conventional window sealing techniques.

Embrace the Glass Clip Edge, the ideal draught excluder for discreet windows that delivers unparalleled convenience and performance, and wave goodbye to chilly drafts and soaring energy bills.

Key Benefits:

  • Easy Installation: only needing a measuring tape, pencil, mitre box and saw this project includes step-by-step video instructions to guide you through the process.
  • Low cost: this product delivers impressive results at a very affordable price.