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Polyester Insulation - Cut into neat easy to use squares, the long heat bonded fibres are a rodents nightmare.  They simply do not like tangling with the fibres. This is the first line of defense in decommissioning your floor heating outlets.  As well as being an rodent deterrent, it naturally serves the function of insulating.

Foilfaced Insulation Board - This foil faced polystyrene insulation board is used to draught seal the heating “boot” under the register.  It is cut so that it squeezes in tightly to make an impenetrable barrier immediately under the floor outlet register. 

Fullers UltraClear - This water-based gap sealant that is white when applied and clear when dry is a snap to use. It is used to seal around the perimeter of the Foilfaced Insulation Board and also to seal the gaps along the sides of the boot to the floor.   Cleanup using a damp cloth. Too easy!


  • Avoid unsightly mis-matched repairs to timber floor boards, or having to recarpet your whole home
  • Helps prevent the entry of rodents 
  • Eliminates draughts from decommissioned heating vents
  • Ensures you don’t get any nasty surprises coming up through your old ducting
  • No carpentry skills required - suitable for a total beginner DIY 


  • Designed to perfectly fit the two standard ducting boot sizes 
  • A very low cost, and low fuss solution to dealing with your decommissioned ducting vents
  • Very easy to install.  Step by step installation videos are provided. 

    Suitable For:

    • Householders who want to decommission their gas ducting and are looking for a cost effective way to deal with decommissioned vents
    • Homeowners who want to retrofit their house for thermal efficiency
    • First-time homeowners
    • Families preparing for the arrival of a new addition
    • People preparing their homes for retirement
    • Anyone with a thermo-sensitive health condition, AND
    • Everyone who is sick of huge energy bills and poor comfort levels!