Invisible Pelmet Kit | About


As energy and thermally effective as box pelmets.

Keep your rooms warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Curtains / drapes can be opened the same as you would without a pelmet.

Blocks out light if you leave the cover on the acrylic.

Floor temperature is about 6 degrees warmer with pelmets than without in winter.


Sleek, elegant solution for a minimalist style window dressing.

Easy installation for any style of curtain / drapes attached to a track / rail.


Designed, made in Australia by ecoMaster.

Functionality and durability rigorously tested by ecoMaster.

Carries the coveted Australian Owned and Made Logo.

Suitable for: 

Installing over curtain tracks / rails only. 

Not suitable for: 

Can not be fitted directly to curtains or drapes.

Can not be fitted to curtain rods.

Can not be fitted over roller blinds.

How Pelmets work:

In Winter Time

Pelmets block the warm air from passing between the curtain and glass of the windows preventing a cooling effect. In tests that ecoMaster conducted there was a 6 degree Celcius difference between the air at the top of a curtain track and the air at the bottom of a curtain track without a pelmet in place.   With an invisible pelmet in place there was a 2 degree difference. 

Why is this so?

When you heat your home, the warm air rises to the ceiling. As it spreads to the sides and starts to descend at the walls it makes its way behind the curtains. The cold from the glass chills your warm air and then it sinks to the floor.  As the cooler air sinks it draws more warmer air in through the top. This continuous cooling cycle wastes your winter heating. 

In Summer Time

The opposite effect is evident in summer. The sun heats the air between the glass and the curtain causing that warmer air to rise to the ceiling and drawing in cooler air from the floor. This is a continuous cycle when you really don’t want one. Adding the pelmet prevents the warm air coming out of the top through the curtain track thereby blocking the heating cycle.