Pet Waste - 2 Pack | FAQ

Q: What is Pet Waste Wizard?
A: Pet Waste Wizard is an eco-friendly, Australian-made solution for breaking down pet waste, particularly from dogs and cats, using natural bacteria. Biomaster Pet Waste Wizard comes in paper sachets that contain bacteria made specifically to deal with dog and cat waste 

Q: Why should I use Pet Waste Wizard?
A: Pet Waste Wizard helps pet waste to break down in a way that is more ecofriendly than disposing of waste in plastic bags to landfill, or throwing it in your garden, where it will dry out, smell and not decompose properly. By using Pet Waste Wizard you can dispose of the waste in a faster, more environmentally friendly way.

Q: How do I use Pet Waste Wizard? 
A: For more information, please see this video that will show you how to use Pet Waste Wizard effectively.

Q: Is Pet Waste Wizard safe for my garden and pets?
A: Yes, it's chemical-free and safe, making it ideal for gardens and harmless for pets.

Q: There are two sachets of Pet Waste Wizard per pack.  How long should I expect it to last. 
A: One sachet can effectively treat the waste of a large dog or two small dogs for 30 days.  So two sachets should last 60 days.