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Pet Waste - 2 Pack - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions:


Q: What does this product do, and how does it do it?
A: Biomaster Pet Waste Wizard are paper sachets that contain bacteria that is made specifically to deal with the types of matter that dogs eat.

Q: Why should I use it?
A: This product helps pet waste break down in a way that is more ecofriendly than disposing of waste in plastic bags to landfill, or throwing it in your garden, where it will dry out, smell and not break down properly. By using this product you can dispose of the waste in a faster more environmentally friendly way.

Q: What do I do with it?
A: For more information, please see this video that will show you how to use this product effectively.

Q: What do I do if the product is faulty?
A: The ecoMaster return policy can be found on the website.