Polyester Underfloor Insulation | Autex Greenstuf (Victoria Only) | Description

Please be aware that all Autex products are made to order. ecoMaster recommends that you do not book any installers or time off until you have received your insulation. To find out the manufacturer lead time for your order please contact our helpful team on 1300 326 627.

Minimum order quantities of 200 square meters apply to Autex Underfloor Insulation.

Be it in regional areas, or in the inner city, this insulation is ideal for Victorian homes.

Victoria is a beautiful and diverse state, home to the busy day to day Melbourne’s core, the beautiful coastal views, the charm of its northern ranges and the vast landscape of its plains.

The beauty of this state is forever in contrast to its ever changing weather, the heat of the sun in summer is often followed by a biting frost; and the Winter months will bring an epic chill that will force you indoors. In both circumstances you want your home to be the ideal temperature and not have to run your AC or heater day in and day out.

Though Victorian homes are unique they do have some common features, one of these common features are the natural beauty of timber floor boards.

Whether it be polished floor boards or floor boards with carpet over the top, this type of floor is not going to keep you home at the ideal temperature for long. The unwanted temperature will rise through the timber if left as it is.

Whether you live in an old home from the last century with its timeless aesthetic or in a modern home with all the creature comforts, if your home has an underfloor area, then this insulation is well suited to the needs of your home throughout the year.

In a home with underfloor insulation the floors will now provide thermal comfort throughout the home. Your home will need less heating in the winter and less cooling in the summer.

This insulation also helps to reduce noise transition between rooms and storeys (when fitted to the upper storey floor). Heating and cooling bills are substantially reduced as the insulation acts as a thermal barrier preventing hot and cold air escaping the house. It defends against rodents taking up residence under your floor, making the ideal living situation a reality.

A home with Autex R2.5 GreenStuff Underfloor insulation is set up for the future.

If you live outside of Victoria see Polyester Insulation (Polymax) based on your location.

Save money now and forever.

PLEASE NOTE: This product is now vacuum packed at the manufacturing plant. Once unpacked, it can take a considerable period of time to re-loft (which is the process of the material expanding to the original size).

The statement from the manufacturer: "It should re-loft to the designed thickness ... however there would be many factors that could slow or stop some of this."

ecoMaster cannot guarantee that this product will fully re-loft. If you want full thickness insulation straight away, we suggest you investigate Value Poly Underfloor Insulation.