Polymax | Polyester Roof and Ceiling Insulation Batts | ecoMaster | Description

Polymax Insulation made by Bradford CSR Martini is an excellent choice to install in your roof or ceiling space to make your home warmer in winter, cooler in summer and reduce your energy bills all year round.  Polymax Insulation is a people-friendly product; and that means “no itch”.  That is why your pillows, doonas and much of the clothing we wear are made from polyester.

The polyester fibres are thermally bonded - so there are no glues or nasty chemicals.  Polymax thermal insulation is super easy to install.  It is made in Australia by a well-known industry-leading Australian company.  Bradford CSR Polymax complies with all Australian Standards and has a 70-year coverage on product performance.

There are minimum order quantities of:
* 15 packs of the R2.5 430mm variant
* 12 packs of the R2.5 580mm variant
* 15 packs of the R3.0 430mm variant
* 12 packs of the R3.0 580mm variant
* 12 packs of the R3.5 430mm variant
* 10 packs of the R3.5 580mm variant
* 15 packs of the R4.0 430mm variant
* 12 packs of the R4.0 580mm variant